Curtis Harris

Curtis Harris


Basketball history writer for Bleacher Report and ESPN True Hoop's Hardwood Paroxysm. Also maintain my own basketball history blog, Pro Hoops History.

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  • Cyber Sapien posted 1712 days ago

    Cyber Sapien

    Brian henderson, I was just about to go off when i saw your post! DITTO. .. .Oh and by the way curtis Harris.. GEORGE MIKAN!!!!???? WTF???!!!!! How come NONE of the other sports writers had Mikan on their list!!!!??? So you put Mikan on the Mount Rushmore instead of Jordan? GTFOH!!!!

  • brian henderson posted 1712 days ago

    brian henderson

    How could u not place MJ in your top 4 of GOAT?!? Not placing him number 1 is laughable enough, but not even in your top 4 leads me to believe that he has spurned u in some sort of way and the only way someone of your accolades can even come close to returning the favor is by leaving him off of your top 4 and hope someone notices. I did notice and the notion that u would lie to yourself as well as the readers and try to imply that u truly believe MJ is not in the top 4 GOAT is an insult to anyone that has every played or has any knowledge of the game of basketball. It's not even a debatable subject leaving him out of the top 4 and ANYONE who would stand by that statement OBVIOUSLY is nowhere near knowledgeable enough about the game of basketball or the NBA to be permitted to make a baseless and idiotic statement on a mainstream site. I literally lost any respect I had for u by reading this. No matter if its hurt feelings, general lack of knowledge, dislike of the player, etc., there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of insulting and idiotic fiction to make its way to mainstream espn. I'd also like to add that MJ is NOT my favorite NBA player as it is LBJ and I could only imagine how MJ supporters would feel. Anyone associated with the game will feel insulted by such idiotic behavorior. I truly feel sorry for you.

  • Michael Antonucci posted 1822 days ago

    Michael Antonucci

    Hi Curtis--saw your amazing The First Pro Leagues post on Pro Hoops History--great stuff; nice maps. I've had a hand in getting Frank J. Basloe's I GREW UP WITH BASKETBALL reissued through University Press of Nebraska...let me know if you would be interested in a review copy of this early basketball narrative--my email:

  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss posted 2106 days ago

    Ethan Sherwood Strauss

    Curtis hates history