L.J. Burgess

L.J. Burgess


Probation! Can you imagine! Don't they know who I am !!!

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  • maria youne posted 3061 days ago

    maria youne

    Hello My Dear,
    My name is Aysha I am a young single girl, never married. i will like to be
    your good friend and i am interested in knowing you,

    Write back to me in my E-mail I D at ( aysha_younes1@yahoo.com )
    so that i will give you full explanation of myself. and my picture, also i
    have something to tell you about me.

    Am Waiting for your quick reply
    Thanks from me, Aysha

  • Gray Ghost posted 3127 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    L.J., I hope all is well my friend! Just driving by the old neighborhood and thought I would stop by!

  • Dan Boone posted 3508 days ago

    Dan Boone

    So did we lose Puppet Master?

  • Puppet Master posted 3604 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Plato said: "He who writes the words "Rocky Colavito" should always be sharing his knowledge..........."
    Well, he should have said it..

    Under favorites what about "91" for Tim Flock, 21% winning rate?

    Like Curtis Turner, he faced a life ban .........

    What is in Bay Seasoning anyway..............

    Yours Truly.....Doc Masters

  • Gray Ghost posted 3645 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    How are you doing my friend? Was back south for a week. Had to get me some Krystal Burgers. Wish they would come to Idaho!

  • Dan Boone posted 3716 days ago

    Dan Boone

    How goes it, old soak?

  • Prasenjit Das posted 3763 days ago

    Prasenjit Das

    Hi there L J! Remember me? Are we still running the BAT racer gang? DO you still drive my magical championship winning BMW there?

  • Long John Silver posted 3815 days ago

    Long John Silver

    chef - check emails

  • Duncan Scott posted 3826 days ago

    Duncan Scott

    Hey there skinny dude! Drop by the F1 section sometime and say something nice about Schumacher, get a little debate going. You know it makes sense.

  • Long John Silver posted 3856 days ago

    Long John Silver

    ha ha, i was sat down for a couple of days because i used un-parliamentary language last month as well