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A child of the 1980s, I have been following and studying baseball for a frighteningly long time. I can talk or write about baseball at any time, so be prepared if you engage me in a conversation.

As a native of Vermont, I attended the University of Vermont and obtained both bachelors and masters degrees in history, but subsequently discovered I enjoyed writing about baseball the most.

I began writing recreationally through a personal blog but have since contributed to the following:

Baseball Digest
Jason Chuchill's Prospect Insider
Various newspapers and magazines

Find out more by following me on Twitter- @historianandrew -

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  • Jorge Rodriguez posted 1884 days ago

    Jorge Rodriguez

    Hey whats up it's me Jorge well just want to say that I called 90+ games wins for this year.. Remember ? i posted about posted 238 days ago... so yeah go Red Sox

  • Larry White posted 2034 days ago

    Larry White

    Your works always a good read. What are your thoughts on the way Shane Victorino had performed this year? Do you actually think he's rebounded or just off to a good start? Do you think he'll cool down to 2012 form, or closer to his career averages?

  • Stephen Meyer posted 2041 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    Solid job tonight sir, thanks for the help!

  • Christopher Knowlton posted 2041 days ago

    Christopher Knowlton

    Hey, Im a fellow Red Sox fans who enjoys your articles and think that you have a lot of valuable knowledge to this community. Ive been asking the most knowledgeable of Sox fans about an all time roster and would like to know what your all-time red sox lineup would look like.

  • Doug Rush posted 2066 days ago

    Doug Rush

    I thought you just did Red Sox stories? Ah well, no worries.

  • Doug Rush posted 2066 days ago

    Doug Rush


    Hey, kind of confused here. I had the Chien-Ming Wang story covered for the Yankee section....

  • Jorge Rodriguez posted 2122 days ago

    Jorge Rodriguez

    I Enjoy your work .. Well I have no idea how to leave a message I'm new at this LOL ...The truth is the Red Sox going to do better then last season maybe over 90 wins or better . With the new pickups i thinking PLAYOFFS no doubt about it . hope i did this right :)

  • Benjamin Klein posted 2147 days ago

    Benjamin Klein

    Congrats on the win this month. Welcome to the team.