Brad Vipperman

Brad Vipperman


I'm a 29 year old MBA graduate from Arizona State University and a diehard Redskins, Lakers, Capitals, Nationals and ASU fan.

I've lived all over the country in my life and been fortunate to travel to many places around the world. I was born in Los Angeles, moved to Washington DC as a little kid and then "grew up" in Honolulu, Hawaii before finally landing in Arizona for high school. Sports were always my way of making friends and settling in to whatever new environment I was in. They gave me joy, self-confidence, and taught me much about life and the value of hard work.

Joining the Navy after my undergrad showed me another side of sports and the impact they can have on morale. When you're underway it's not always easy to watch games and follow the news. I was in the middle of the Pacific during Game 7 of the Lakers-Celtics Finals in 2010 and also when LeBron announced his "decision." Despite the difficulties, talking about the major events, and occasionally getting to watch them (thanks Armed Forces Network!), helped us retain an element of normalcy which can occasionally get lost after a long time at sea.

Throughout my life sports have played a positive role and as a result, I enjoy following them, talking about them and writing about them. Few things in life allow for such joy to be shared by such large groups of people, and inspire greatness from a few special individuals.

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  • Josh Matt posted 2349 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Jack Anderson posted 3409 days ago

    Jack Anderson

    Thanks for the edits, Brad!

  • Brandon Seitz posted 3410 days ago

    Brandon Seitz

    thanks for the edits, buddy. I appreciate it

  • Brandon Seitz posted 3410 days ago

    Brandon Seitz

    thanks for the edits, buddy. I appreciate it

  • Lew Wright posted 3410 days ago

    Lew Wright

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for taking the time to look my work over. Appreciate it my friend.


  • Erin McLaughlin posted 3423 days ago

    Erin McLaughlin

    Thanks for the feedback on my article.

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    Devon  Teeple

    and also thanks for the feedback

  • Devon Teeple posted 3423 days ago

    Devon  Teeple

    Thanks for the edits

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    Marzia Hazra

    Thanks for the edit and the feedback :)

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    Oystein Dahl

    Thanks for the feedback, and for taking time to edit. Good job, and obviously no changes I disagreed with. Thanks also for the praise. Yes, it took some time to research, but that I did without having an article in mind. I just was very curious, and had to find out if there was any merrit to the predictions that Bug Unit is the last. When I found there really wasn't I felt like spreading the news. Obviously, by respons number two it did not reach everyone :-). You can't win them all. Thanks again Øystein Oslo, Norway