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8/20/10- Cracked Top 100 Writers

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  • Mitch Johnson posted 3239 days ago

    Mitch Johnson

    this is why USA doesn't deserve a hockey team

  • Cthulhu posted 3245 days ago


    Fantastic article on the most iconic photographs in sports history. Nailed it.

  • Michael Merritt posted 3276 days ago

    Michael Merritt

    Hey Mike A. Your list of the Coolest Athletes of All Time is the best and most accurate list I have ever seen in the Bleacher Report. Great Job!
    I reiterated that on the comments with,

    "The best list I have seen put together on Bleacher Report! My only criticism would be that Dr. J should of been a top 5 candidate. When Dr. J surfaced in the ABA, he redefined the term cool! He became a legend accross the entire sports globe while in the ABA, yet was rarely to never seen on Television. There was no ESPN or cable TV, yet every playground in America revered Dr. J. The word of mouth stories about the moves he would make in ABA games were Paul Bunyan like. At 17, he was terrorizing NBA players at The Rucker in New York City. For those of you who don't know, The Rucker is greatest basketball playground in world history. Couple all of that with that fro and the Red, White, and Blue ball and he was the Artic Circle of Cool."

  • Garyn Greene posted 3309 days ago

    Garyn Greene

    you are the worst writer on bleacher report. you are a disgrace. just because you don't like certain sports or certain teams shouldn't mean that you completely write them off in your articles. most unbalanced writer i've ever seen.

  • Love You posted 3369 days ago

    Love You

    What is your surname, Mike A? Don't see it in your "About Mike" synopsis.

  • Warf Dude posted 3382 days ago

    Warf Dude

    Reading your bio Mike I get the feeling you have a connection to Wisconsin, Well here is a Wisconsin sports lesson you didn't learn.... the quote in your top 50 Sports Catch phrases you list Steward Scott with the catch phrase "cool as the other side of the pillow". The coach and college basketball announcer that made that phrase famous was no other than Al McGuire, Marquette Univerisity. He regularly used it on NCAA basketball broadcasts during the late 70s and 80's. I find it disturbing that Stewart Scott has never once given him cudos for that phrase.


  • Gregory Isaacs posted 3438 days ago

    Gregory Isaacs

    Hey here's an idea for an article. "Green Bay Packers are now officially America's Team. Publicly owned team, great fanbase, in the heart of america, superbowl champs. Comeback story of the year, rodgers steps out of favres shadow etc etc People have lots of reasons to hate the cowboys and steelers but how could you hate the Packers?"

    I'd write it myself but I don't have time nor have I filled out a writers application or whatever.

  • Shari Peace posted 3506 days ago

    Shari Peace

    love the lists, but i would have included Gayle Sayer's speech" I love Brian Piccolo. And tonight, when you get down on your knees, I want you to ask God to love him too." Amazing!

  • Tyler Howe posted 3517 days ago

    Tyler Howe

    the daytona 500 doesn't take place at indy

  • shakir acrey posted 3608 days ago

    shakir acrey

    i don't know why people like new york. the jets is a good team and has lot's of size. new york gonna be a playoff team this year but they'll be in 8th place in the east