Marshall is the writer and creative director of well over a hundred national and regional television and radio commercials and jingles, as well as a contributor to various national publications, published short-story author, produced playwright and screenwriter.

Marshall's love of sports came from his desire to connect with his father. He hails from suburban Detroit, where he is a lifelong Tigers, Pistons and Lions fan (although he was Lions-free during the entire Millen era, timing his exit perfectly) and Red Wings appreciator.

Marshall loves sports most for its emotional and human side, and has never met an underdog he didn't root for (unless they were playing a Detroit team).

Twitter: @ihavethewrite

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  • Ilan Shields posted 1927 days ago

    Ilan Shields

    Can you make another NBA article that predicts that future of the nab such as http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1604749-previewing-the-2016-17-nba-postseason?
    I loved that article

  • Jacob Thomas posted 2100 days ago

    Jacob Thomas

    Hey man, would love to talk to you about an opportunity covering the Lions. Shoot me an email at jhutcherson@profootballspot.com and I'll get you some info

  • Myles Standish posted 2101 days ago

    Myles Standish


    Am I out of your article now? I hope so. I'm so sorry. I don't know how/why I kept the lock after publishing the article.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


  • Sensible One posted 2136 days ago

    Sensible One

    I am fine, thank you. Go easy on yourself Mr. Multi-talented, looking forward to reading your articles.

  • Sensible One posted 2136 days ago

    Sensible One

    Hey buddy, where are you? I miss your articles!

  • John Ricketts posted 2142 days ago

    John Ricketts

    sup johnny

  • Prepix posted 2179 days ago


    Great articles! Fair, unbiased, balanced. Very fun to read, there is a sense of humor here and there. Totally not dull and boring. You totally analyze before you write (or type?), kudos to that. (Unlike other BR writers who should change their title to "BS writer").

  • Igor Chrisostomo posted 2192 days ago

    Igor Chrisostomo

    New publications Marshall http://hourocketsbr.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/relembre-o-time-rockets-1994/ and http://hourocketsbr.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/porque-contratar-dwight-howard/

  • The Trolling Hack posted 2195 days ago

    The Trolling Hack

    I like your medal collection Zweig! Fancy, fancy.

  • Igor Chrisostomo posted 2198 days ago

    Igor Chrisostomo

    The ESPN in Brazil is increasingly inflating the population, seems to be the only station that is next to the people and are tired of the way that Brazil is, is a lot of corruption and a lot of media manipulation outside ESPN, any questions ask me Marshall, the information given may not be correct.