Patrick Ferlise

Patrick Ferlise


A sophomore Print News/Editorial Journalism major and Political Science minor at the University of Southern Mississippi, Patrick Ferlise has been an avid writer for a large portion of his life. Currently, he works as a USM Athletic Media Relations Student Assistant, covering a wide array of sports.

Ferlise has also published news releases for -- the university's official athletics website -- and is a feature story writer for Southern Miss Kickoff Magazine. Following both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Golden Eagles, he has remained a college football fan since he was born and hopes to one day cover sports or politics for ESPN, USA TODAY or other media affiliates. Ferlise is also the publisher of, a source for information on current Mississippi legislation and politics.

Bleacher Report has been an important part in fueling his interests in writing and sports talk over his four-year membership. Follow him on Twitter @PatrickFerlise or LIKE his Facebook page, The Grandstand Observer.

Disclaimer: My views do not represent the opinions of Southern Miss or its staff. These are MY OWN thoughts and articles. They are not the property or ideas of the university.

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  • Josh Jussely posted 2734 days ago

    Josh Jussely

    Pat......FYI ,...on your USM coaches search article........good article, very interesting read......but, Monken turned down being interviewed last year so i think he would do the same again this year, kirby is making almost a mil/yr plus incentives now so he is out, chizik - who really knows although he does have a good track record other than last year, blake is out unless hammond is gone, and petrino is gonna get more $$ to go elsewhere. the others are interesting choices.....i would like to add 2 to your list as well and let you do some reasearch and tell me whatcha think. they are Hal Mumme and Mike Dubose. Or better yet, whatcha think about if we could get hal for hc and mike as dc?? tell me whatcha think.

  • Michael Garber posted 3578 days ago

    Michael Garber

    Please reread and edit your article. It is painful to read with all the mistakes.

  • Kim Shiff posted 3582 days ago

    Kim Shiff

    Spelling error on headline??

  • Larry Burton posted 3587 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the latest LIKE

  • Barry McAllister posted 3603 days ago

    Barry  McAllister

    Hey Patrick take a few journalism classes, when I saw the article it looked like it could be interesting. After reading nothing but your opinion written here, that is backed by no factual information, other than JR was a bust, I find it just a poorly written piece of garbage.

  • Roll Tide 2016 posted 3605 days ago

    Roll Tide 2016

    Your three Favorite Coaches are the exact three that are my favorite!

  • Larry Burton posted 3607 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the LIKE...

  • Steve Jinright posted 3619 days ago

    Steve Jinright

    Hey Patrick, I really wold lie you to help us with our website & blog. We have had a pretty good of people in the last day & a half. Like I said, I would love to post some of your stories. I will make sure to say you wrote them & that they came from Bleacher Report. Please write back when you get the chance . Thanks, Steve Jinright

  • Steve Jinright posted 3620 days ago

    Steve Jinright

    Here is the link:

  • Steve Jinright posted 3620 days ago

    Steve Jinright

    Patrick, I'm starting a small bog for a few friends & I so we can talk football. It's for Bama fans & it's nothing big. We are going to write our own stories & just have an opinionated site to talk on, along with facts. I was wondering if it was ok with you to post some of your stories on there. I will be gld to send you a link & I will always say where the story came from including Bleacher Report. I will never discredit you on there & always support anything I post of yours. I just want to make sure it's ok with you first. Thank you, Steve Jinright