David Kutsch

David Kutsch


I follow all things Crimson Tide and SEC football: recruiting, players, charts, stats, etc. Roll Tide!

I do not hate Auburn. What would the Iron Bowl be without them? Ah who am I kidding? I hate Auburn.

I also detest the UThug Viles. My hatred for them is based in fact. Pure, unadulterated abhorence based solely in slightly irrational fact. I want them to go 0 - 12 every year. I don't think it is possible to hate them any more than already do. You get the idea.

Did I mention that I also think that USC is way over-rated every single year?

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  • T Randolph posted 2802 days ago

    T Randolph

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh...wait...you're serious?


    No, really, it will be a surprise if Auburn keeps it within 14 points.

    All trolling remarks aside, there is nothing listed above that gives any legit reason why the game will be close. History? You do remember last year, right? KF will have more confidence? On what grounds do you make this claim? If he fell apart under the pressure from the ULM defense in the second half last week imagine how pathetic he is going to be against LSU. Playing in JHS? Taking Auburn's performance into consideration that's like saying playing in Vaught-Hemingway is tough...which it isn't. Chizik needs a big win? All coaches need a big win. Doesn't mean they will get it.

    LSU will likely win this one with relative ease. The Meltdown will be fun to read again this week. You guys should be posting some gems late in the 1st quarter, perhaps earyl 2nd.

    nailed it again

  • T Randolph posted 2802 days ago

    T Randolph

    LSU 45 Auburn 0

    Really nailed that one

  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 3105 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    Roll Tide, my man.

  • R K posted 3162 days ago

    R K

    I wonder if the Auburn fans on this site get annoyed by Kevin McGrady? Having a man represent them the way he does has got to be embarrassing. Not embarrassing like having an uneducated fanatic screaming absurdities on every article, but someone who claims he knows more than he does and believes he is never wrong, ya know?

  • Kevin Mixon posted 3182 days ago

    Kevin Mixon

    That's OK David, I hate Bama too! I find it absolutely hillarious that our 2 NCs buggs you guys more than your 13,000,000 bug Auburn fans. War Eagle!! Oh, and be careful continuing to employ those 2 crooked coaches from Miami. They may teach your teams' coaching staff some new tricks!!

  • Chris Reed posted 3211 days ago

    Chris Reed

    see exactly what i said, your a bama fan stuck up sabans ass, you think you cant be beat, if utah can upset you, im sure we can too.

  • Chris Reed posted 3212 days ago

    Chris Reed

    umm just because i havent written any articles, so i wouldnt have any reads because i havent written any, and just because i dont comment dont mean im fake, yeah haha i wouldnt count out the vols buddy, mite just make you cry in tuscaloosa, and let me guess you make fun of auburn for buying a player? i wouldnt talk about that alabama got caught back in what 95? for offering a high school prospect $20,000? yeah exactly

  • Chris Reed posted 3213 days ago

    Chris Reed

    Nice profile, HA the UThug Viles? you know your a person that gives alabama fans a bad name. You get one championship in the past 15 years and you think Bama cant be beat, its the SEC anything can happen, and if you dont know that you must have just jumped on Bamas bandwagon the past 2 year.

  • Roll Tide 2016 posted 3256 days ago

    Roll Tide 2016

    Loved your profile!!!

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  • David Kutsch posted 3551 days ago

    David Kutsch

    Way to go VaTech! You blew it. Boise State made you look stupid on nationalt TV.