Lucas Weick

Lucas Weick


Currently an IPFW student, majoring in Communications with a Journalism minor, after graduating from Northrop High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana (no it's not all corn). I write articles here at B/R, and I have contributed to "Bronx Baseball Daily" (the link is below).

I root for the Yankees year in and year out, even after being surrounded and ridiculed by Cubs, Tigers, Cardinals, White Sox, Reds, and Indians fans my entire life. I also am a huge Indianapolis Colts fan, with or without Peyton. Other teams that I follow are the New York Rangers and University of Tennessee Volunteers (football AND basketball).

Please feel free to comment and give input on my articles. I hope that you enjoy them.

You can contact me at

Here is the link for Bronx Baseball Daily:

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  • Eric J posted 3667 days ago

    Eric J

    People are somehow blaming Peyton Manning for the Colts loss to the Jets.

  • Dave The Donger posted 3797 days ago

    Dave  The Donger

    Hello, have you ever considered doing an article about how players from the past would do today? I've always wondered about that.....

  • Keith Smooth posted 3985 days ago

    Keith Smooth

    Lucas, give this a read when you get a chance.

  • Keith Smooth posted 3995 days ago

    Keith Smooth

    Hey Lucas, here's my piece on Mike Tyson. Enjoy.

  • JW Nix posted 4003 days ago

    JW Nix

    controversy begats controversy :

  • Keith Smooth posted 4027 days ago

    Keith Smooth

    For your consideration please sir.

    Take care Lucas,

  • Keith Smooth posted 4063 days ago

    Keith Smooth

    From a Redskin fan to a Colts fan. At least we have the Yankees! LOL

  • Sam Fogelgaren posted 4129 days ago

    Sam  Fogelgaren


    Thanks a lot for making my Eric Foster a favorite of yours.

    As for the Yankees, lets just hope they're headed to number 27!

    Thanks again for the support.

    Sam Fogelgaren