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My name is Sean Shea I was raised in a small town in california called Big Bear Lake. I was born a Notre Dame fan my whole entire family are Notre Dame fans. The reason I have started writing for bleacher report was because I feel that the nation does not give enough credit about the Fighting Irish. Yes Notre Dame has not had great years in recent seasons, But what other school can compair to the tradition or Notre Dame? Not many and it seems that when Notre Dame is not doing well that is when the nation loves to talk about them kick them down and keep them down, thats what it seems with most coolege football comentators. I am here to stand for what is right being a college student athlet. A school founded on education, tradition , religion and pride. You have to have a brain to go to Notre Dame maybe thats why we cant get the talent like USC. But ill tell you what I would much rather have a player that might not be able to run as fast or lift as much as most USC and other schools but hey when it comes down to it he can still spell his name.

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