Marc Halsted

Marc Halsted


HOME: Midcoast Maine
COLLEGE: University of Maine
OCCUPATION: High school teacher and coach
AGE: Old enough to remember Flutie to Phelan, Arnie's Army, and Dave Winfield signing with the Yanks. Young enough to have no knowledge of a Bruins Stanley Cup or any real concept of what Bear Bryant was like on the sidelines.
IDEAL GOLF ROUND: Lou Holtz, Bernie Williams, and Jack Nicklaus

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  • Clark Shepard posted 3710 days ago

    Clark  Shepard

    Coach, you have a future in sports journalism should you choose to pursue it! Maybe down the road when I'm running my own globally renowned sports show I'll look to you to be my featured weekly guest spot...just no Yankee blabber

  • Will Danielson posted 3716 days ago

    Will Danielson

  • Richard Bowler posted 3758 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my newest Mock Draft

  • Jon Heintz posted 3803 days ago

    Jon Heintz

    Marc, I read your Domey Awards, and I must say that your comments regarding Jimmy Clausen are both unfair and embarrassing. Now, I know BleacherReport isn't any kind of legitimate media source (in fact, I was offered the ability to write for it simply by signing up), but I feel the need to yell at you anyways.

    "He came in with news reports..." Clearly his fault, right?

    "Cell phone pictures" ... of him at a party, not even drinking.

    "Questionable off-field actions" ... like driving your friend to the liquor store?

    "And even more questionable on field behaviors" ... like what? Playing through injuries? Celebrating with teammates?

    "the Rich Gunnell push..." give me a break. He walked over to shake the guy's hand, and Gunnell got up in his face. What was he supposed to do? He pushed the guy out of his face and walked away. Exactly what he should have done. I can't believe you would criticize him for this. Gunnell is the jackass.

    "temper tantrums" Name one. If anyone had the right to throw a temper tantrum, it would have been him. Repeatedly getting pounded into the dirt in '07, his defense failing to get a stop for him in '09 when Jimmy's offense was good enough to win titles and awards. He was a much better teammate than I ever could have expected him to be, given the circumstances. He always said the right thing. He never threw a temper tantrum.

    "May have cost Charlie Weis his job" is perhaps the most ridiculous thing ever written on this joke of a website...and that's saying something. Clausen started the only 3 games Weis won in 2007, and without Jimmy in 2008 and 2009, 13-12 would have been a pipe dream. We probably would have won about 5 games total these last two years with Sharpley and Crist at QB.

    Clausen has been a warrior at ND, played through injuries, developed as a leader, put up great numbers, and basically did everything you could reasonably ask of the kid. He will graduate by the end of his junior year.

    The way you threw him under the bus is inexcusable, especially for someone who considers himself an ND fan. You should simply thank Jimmy for his service to Notre Dame, and leave him alone. But hey...I bet calling him out this way got your bleacher report profile page some extra hits, huh. Loser. It's ignorant people like you who give "Subway Alums" a bad name.

    Also, ND didn't blow a 21 point lead against MSU in 2005. MSU blew the lead.

  • Michael Collins posted 3829 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Beat me to the punch, Marc. Here's mine if you are interested. I enjoyed yours.

  • Dan Stenberg posted 3834 days ago

    Dan Stenberg

    This is a good read from FanHouse. Shows the other sides of the coach...

  • al asifyouknow posted 3846 days ago

    al asifyouknow

  • JW Nix posted 3849 days ago

    JW Nix

    I HAD to get this rant out :

  • Mosang Miles posted 3855 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    No problem Marc!

  • Joe Burgett posted 3883 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    While I usually don't promote articles, I saw fit to promote this one. I feel people are not paying attention to what this article is about. They probably should. No matter if you are a fan of Florida or LSU, this is something you need to remember going into tomorrow night.

    -Joe Burgett