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Follow at is about getting Kevin Durant out of Oklahoma City. Durant needs to be in a city where he can truly be appreciated, where he has a chance to be seen, where has a chance to be an All-Star and most importantly where he will have a chance to win a championship.

None of that is going to happen in Oklahoma City. Sure they have a young nucleus, but there is a problem with that. With the lowering of the salary cap and with Clay Bennett and the rest of that ownership group becoming broker by the day if the OKC signs Durant there is no chance to sign Green, Westbrook or Harden when they are due for contract extensions.

OKC needs to be very prudent with their money and signing Durant long term is not going to work out long term. No decent role players will go to OKC and play for cheap and OKC is going to be in a perpetual rebuilding process with top 10 draft picks.

So, we the fans in other markets need to reach out to Mr. Durant and let him know we want him in New York, Miami, Dallas or wherever you are from.

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  • Keith Schlosser posted 3452 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    It's time to prepare the throne, the King has arrived in New York! Lebron James made his only appearance of the season at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks tonight. Take a look.

  • Mark Brown posted 3544 days ago

    Mark Brown

    Does Durant want out of OKC? If he does, maybe I can help. But he seems happy enough to me.

  • Richard O'Neal posted 3545 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    What is Joey Dorsey's real height? I talk about that and his status with the Houston Rockets in my latest article.

    Please check it out and provide your comments. Much appreciated!


  • Mike Hastie posted 3546 days ago

    Mike Hastie

    Durant loves OKC, and has said that he would like to stay in OKC for his whole career.
    By saying OKC is holding KD captive, you are basically saying "crappy teams in small markets shouldn't be allowed to keep great players because that is bad for the player".
    One player. LeBron James.
    Cleveland was not a huge market and was not a great team til LBJ got there.
    So, I don't know why you want kevin durant to leave OKC when he can do the same thing to the thunder, that lebron did to the cavs. Unintelligent idea.

  • Shady Botros posted 3547 days ago

    Shady Botros

    you're campaign is pointless, Durant isn't going anywhere until 2011, and he'll proably stay becasue he's the franchise player, stop it, by the time they are all free agents they may have the money to resign them.

  • Shady Botros posted 3548 days ago

    Shady Botros

    that team is so young, give them time. all the core players are Durants age, they are about a year away from contending, maybe they can contend next year. i don't see the problem, they'll be good soon, they're just so young. Chris Paul in a worse situation, he's with a team that won't win a championship, and just make the playoffs, at least Durant's team will be good enough to win a championship once thse players reach their primes. Durant is 20, Jeff Green is 22, Russel Westbrook is 20, and James Harden is turning 20 at the end of the month, this squad will be fun to watch, i don't know what you're talking about, but he'll be a free agent in 2011 and from what i'm hearing the Knicks may be saving up for him, not LeBron in 2010, but this squad is going to be fun to watch next season.

  • Brad Norton posted 3548 days ago

    Brad Norton

    one problem, i don't have outlook express email.

  • Tyler Pollard posted 3548 days ago

    Tyler Pollard

    Hey FreeDurant,

    Yes, I think Durant would be great on a team that could win a championship. Just think he averaged 25.5 PPG last year with no help, tyhink of how good he would be with a point guard like Chris Paul, or Deron Williams passing him the ball. I just have one question about writing for your site.

    When would I start writing?

    Other than that I am fine, stay in touch.