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Coordinator and Legal Analyst of TheSportHump.net

You may have read some of Danny's Articles in Black Pharmacuetical Rep, Pony Fancy, and Curves for Women magazines. He owns a home, along with a friend who calls himself "Mortgage Company". Graduated in top 66% of his class. He is an experienced Coed Softball league player who occasionally bats 3rd. He is often seen enjoying sliced pizza and drinking Busch Light while peddling his PK Ripper in Downtown Syracuse, NY.

Remember, every third Sunday night we will break down the things that were previously broke down the sunday before. Mostly the things we chatted about online and commented on during the discussion we had during our live blog. So make sure you come hard hitting with the topics of the day that were brought up the previous sunday so I can facilitate during the chat, which will be the following sunday online. If you're unable to attend the following week, hit me up on our "Current Events" page where I will have a Sunday profiler which will then give you the password to the chat room where we will eventually move the live blog to. It has been a great time to blog together and as you all know, during those off sunday's, we will introduce the "Chat Live" situation room, where special attendees will receive a six pack of Natural Light. *If you don't want the Six pack of Natural Light, you can send me your link during the live blog and will make sure I make a comment about your dislike of Light beer.........Thanks~Danny

Activities and interests:

Situp competitions, roofing in jean shorts, Wide Mouth Bass Fishing, Short Track Dirt Racing, Gatorade, Marv Alberts Sports Bloopers, six packs of Busch, occasional hot dogs, Walmart Sporting Goods, Billy Joe Toliver, Punting on 3rd down, Van Chew, Dotcom bowls, Sega, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, left handed layups, The Ruling Class, WNBA halftime shows, The Stache, High Profile Athlete Arrests, 20" rims, The Classic Taurus, Oakley Blades, Mean Gene, Bleacher Report , Sports Night, Maxi Priest, Black Lab's,etc.

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    Adrian Staehle


    Be apart

  • Long Island Sound posted 4286 days ago

    Long Island Sound


  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 4314 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Have you read about the Brett Favre computer virus?


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    Sulayman H.

    Here's an article I think might interest you.


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    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A Boston Sports Fan...check this one out...


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    Jersey Al Bracco

    Here's my first shot at a "soccer" article: Would love to hear your comments:


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    Tony Bishop

    A special valentine's treat for fans of my articles:


  • Dirk Stunworthy posted 4423 days ago

    Dirk Stunworthy

    Smear The Queer?

    Let me know what you did with the ball.