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Born on November 2, 1985 on the island of the Dominican Republic, Randy grew up playing all kinds of sports with his two older brothers. His father, a former minor leaguer for the Detroit Tigers, instill a love of the game at an early age. Of course, Randy simply wanted to watch his cartoons when he was younger but soon grew to appreciate the complexities of the chess game known as baseball.

At the age of 3 years old, Randy and his family moved to the great state of Massachusetts where Red Sox nation awaited them. However, Randy's father spent his teenage years in New York and had become a Mets fan. Therefore, Red Sox lore was never instilled in young Randy. With the Atlanta Braves playing on TBS Randy felt more drawn to this team that seem to always win, get the clutch hits, and pitch superbly! And thus his love of the Tomahawks developed in 1994.

Randy graduated from Beverly High School in 2004 and got his BA at Merrimack College in 2008 in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. However, a passion in writing was evident after taking some Creative Writing classes and realizing he enjoyed doing it.

He came across Bleacher Report a couple of months ago and felt this would be a good platform to offer his opinions on a subject he cannot stop talking about...The Atlanta Braves.

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  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3496 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi randy - here is the next in the series - the Tigers all-time starting rotation - comments welcome -

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi Randy - here is a look at the Cleveland indians all-time starting rotation and staff - hope you enjoy - comment back if you like -

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi Randy - Here's a look at the Boston Red Sox all-time starting rotation - is it the best?

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi Randy - here is a look at the Baltimore Orioles all-time starting rotation -

  • Ash Marshall posted 3563 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Randy,

    Here are a couple baseball stories I thought you might enjoy reading. The first is a behind the scenes look at putting together the Mets new Hall of Fame and museum that opened in April, and the second is an interview with the man who owns the Mookie Wilson ball that got through Billy Buckner's legs in '86.



    Any feedback would be fantastic.



  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 3623 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

    Randy - Hi - here is the LA Dodgers all-time pitching rotation - let me know what you think!

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    randy - Hi - here's a look at the Giants all-time starting rotation -

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi Randy - here's a look at the St. Louis Cardinals all-time starting rotation and staff - who makes the cut after Gibson? -

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    Jonathan Stilwell

    Hi randy - How does the cubs all-time rotation stack up? - comments welcome -

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    Jonathan Stilwell

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