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I am a seventeen year old, in the 11th grade. I am writing on Bleacher Report, because I love to talk about sports and I love to hear what everyone has to say.

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  • jordan krumrey posted 4007 days ago

    jordan krumrey

    What do you mean by your question?

  • Henry Ball posted 4083 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Pick the winners, win the loot!

    Take the challenge, it'll be fun!

  • Kevin Trahan posted 4228 days ago

    Kevin Trahan

    Yeah, I just checked your article. You have Mississippi State Football tagged in addition to Florida Gators Football. I'll change that for you because you only want to tag it in the section that it is mostly about. Don't worry if they're tagged and you still don't get that many reads, though. Some of my best articles don't get put in the "featured stories" section, but some of my less favorite stories get thousands of reads. Like I said in my earlier post (below), if you keep writing, you'll have plenty of reads in no time.

    Also, if you ever want me to edit your articles, just let me know.

  • Kevin Trahan posted 4228 days ago

    Kevin Trahan

    There really is no secret. You just have to find out things that people want to read. I've gotten almost 3,000 reads on an article about the preseason top 25, because a lot of people are interested in that. I write a lot of controversial things too, because those get debates going and attract more readers. I would suggest going onto or and look at some of the article ideas they have. Those are generally things that most people want to read and if you write a similar article, but from a different viewpoint, you can attract a lot more readers

    Another thing you should do is tag your articles. I don't know if you have, but after you publish it, you can edit it and add tags to the article. Let's take your Tim Tebow article for an example. If you tag it on the SEC and Florida Gators Football pages, it could be the top article on those pages. Since a lot of people go to those pages, they would likely click on yours since it is one of the featured articles and you will gain a lot more readers. Your next article may not be featured, but pretty soon, you'll get one that is, so just hang in there.

    My advice is to do what I said above and to keep writing. If you do, pretty soon the reads will start coming.

  • Michael Leach posted 4230 days ago

    Michael Leach

    No problem, man. I'm glad to hear I did a good job. If you ever need an edit, or even a second opinion on an article, feel free to ask.