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Daniel M.


A little bit about the NBA:

Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. Kobe Bryant is the most overrated player in NBA History (he is NOT on my top 10 list of best players ever), and the Jordan-Kobe debate is the most lopsided debate in SPORTS history. LeBron James is the best player of the last 10 years, and can go down as one of the five greatest players in NBA history, but he will NEVER be better than Jordan. A ring chaser and multiple-time NBA Finals choker and underperformer will never surpass Jordan's greatness.

Here are the 5 feats that prove why the Jordan-Kobe and the Jordan-LeBron comparisons make no sense and why Jordan is the most dominant, most efficient and most consistent player of all time:

• 32.5 points per game on 53.1% shooting in the regular season over a 5-year span (1987-1992)

• 33.2 points per game on 51.8% shooting in the regular season over a 7-year span (1986-1993)

• 31.5 points per game on 50.5% shooting in his first 930 regular season games (1984-1998)

• 34.7 points per game on 50.1% shooting in his first 111 playoff games (1985-1993)

• 36.3 points per game on 52.6% shooting in his first 17 games in the Finals (1991-1993)

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  • robert whittaker posted 668 days ago

    robert whittaker

    Lebron will pass MJ as the best, if your'e going to call Lebron a finals choker what about Jordan's multiple first round losses? What about the fact that nobody Jordan beat was as good as the Thunder, Spurs or Warriors? Lebron is the only player in history to score 25 plus points over a 12 year period he's already well beyond Jordan in assist,and rebounds and he will surpass Jordan in career points in both playoffs and regular season. There's so much more to winning basketball than just scoring did Jordan ever have a finals performance as complete as Lebron did in 2015 or 2016?. Lebron is much more than a ring chaser he was the best player whether he was surrounded with scrubs or stars , What happened to Miami when he left? What's the Cavs record without him ever with Irving and Love? It's not good at all. Lebron would be unstoppable in an era of no zone defenses and Jordan who was a poor outside shooter would be worse in today's defensive schemes. Jordan averages a whopping two more points a game than Lebron even with zone defenses being illegal. When Lebron is done he will have by far the best all around stats of anyone who's ever played and he'll likely match or even surpass Jordan in championships.

  • The F.O.G posted 1248 days ago

    The  F.O.G

    Did you stop commenting too much because you're into writing B/R articles now?

  • The F.O.G posted 1248 days ago

    The  F.O.G

    B/R needs to to start commenting again Daniel. So many people comment without using the facts, thus sounding incompetent. It was fun having factual arguments!

  • The F.O.G posted 1288 days ago

    The  F.O.G

    Yo Daniel! I got one intriguing question for you. Why isn't Wilt Chamberlain the most dominant, most efficient and most consistent player of all time?

  • Mile High Guy posted 1401 days ago

    Mile High Guy

    Dr J is a top 15 player on my list because my list is basketball players not just NBA players. And yeah I agree Isiah is arguable, I just think a guy good for 19 and 9 in the regular season, 20 and 9 in the playoffs who is a two time champ and one time Finals MVP and the face of main obstacle for a young MJ deserves to be in the conversation.

    I didn't get to see your post about the article but I imagine you said that they were bad examples or something. The point of the article was to highlight the differences about helpside D in the past vs the present, and I have nothing more to say to you if you don't think it is better today than it used to be. The fact is the rules were changed to give off ball D more freedom, and discounting that just comes across as putting the age Jordan dominated on an unrealistic pedestal. He was the best at the time, and dominated his era better than most, if not all, players to date but discounting the evolution and improvement of the game is something we will never agree on.

    Yes, you can't truly estimate how a player would be in a different era. The amount of factors and assumptions that go into it are infinite. He could be better because of the advanced training and medical attention but he also could have fallen off due to the amplified social media presence or if he fell into a system where the front office failed him. Would not having Phil Jackson as a coach for all 6 of his championships cause him to appear to be less of a player? Maybe, there is no way of knowing what would be the case, as no possibility can honestly be disproven. You may have your opinion but that opinion holds no more value than a reciprocal one because they are opinions of a hypothetical situation with endless possibilities.

    I was sharing what my expectation would be, and that is MJ would have similar efficiency numbers with slightly lower scoring outputs but increased assist. I think MJ would become more of a playmaker and facilitator than he used to be because it appears that is the general evolution of offense that you eluded to earlier. The common trend of the NBA is individuals are scoring less points, but their teammates are scoring more. Jordan would still be responsible for a majority of his teams points and would still be able to be one of the elite scorers in the league, but I can't see Jordan forcing bad shots to score points. He would take what the defense gave him, and would realize that an open teammate shooting a three is a better shot than him forcing a drive into a defender shading to him or shooting a contested jumper. But like I said before, my opinion is no more valuable than someone saying he could average 40-20-15 because it is a made up scenario.

  • Mile High Guy posted 1406 days ago

    Mile High Guy

    Damn haha pretty close to the same group.

    1. MJ
    2. Kareem
    3. Magic
    4. Russell
    5. Wilt
    6. Duncan
    7. Oscar
    8. LeBron
    9. Bird
    10. Hakeem
    11. Shaq
    12. Kobe
    13. Dr J
    14. West
    15. Zeke

    Only Dr J, Zeke, Malone (whos #16 on my list) and Moses are the only ones to not make both our lists

  • Mile High Guy posted 1407 days ago

    Mile High Guy

    Yeah, I agree there isn't much more to say. We disagree and both have legitimate claims to our opinion.

    On a different note, I am curious what your top 10 or 15 list looks like. I'm not going to bash it, I would actually be surprised if it is much different than mine. Players that is, not necessarily order.

  • Mile High Guy posted 1408 days ago

    Mile High Guy

    Yo Daniel, I'm replying to one of your comments in our discussion about potential Defensive Improvements and it's getting outrageously long for the comment thread lol. You have a better was to continue the discussion? You know you're sh*t so I wanna see how I hold up with another student of the game.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1429 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    I know you're not Kobe's biggest fan, where do you have him in the top SGs of all time?

  • Knickerbocker posted 1472 days ago



    Do you think MJ is overrated then? Do you think MJ had/has an alarming weakness?