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Brendan Bowers is an NBA Writer with Bleacher Report. His work has been published in SLAM Magazine, KICKS Magazine,, and elsewhere throughout the basketball interwebs. His blog has been credentialed by the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past three seasons, and was named the 5th Most Influential NBA Team Blog by He believes Craig Ehlo was much better than anyone seems to remember, and that Terrell Brandon is the most under-appreciated PG in NBA history. This past season Brendan averaged 10.3 points per game in a very non-competitive men's league while shooting enough to average 18.

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  • Obvious Homer posted 1934 days ago

    Obvious Homer

    lol at everyone calling you a HEAT fan when you're a Cavs fan. They're so used to overused slander that they can't tolerate praise.

  • Not Brian Dawkins posted 1965 days ago

    Not Brian Dawkins

    You predicted Al Jefferson to Charlotte. Nice.

  • Justin Lanoff posted 2085 days ago

    Justin Lanoff

    Hi Brendan. I was just reading one of your articles (the link posted above), and noticed that you failed to include Joakim Noah as the number 1 center, much less as a top 5 center. Seeing as to how you are not responding to any comments posted on that article, I decided to post on your profile to try and find an answer as to why you decided to leave Noah out?

    Yes, I am a Bulls fan, but I think it is apparent that Noah is playing like the best center in the NBA right now, or at the least top 5. I'm intrigued as to why you left him out.

    Also, just to be clear, I'm not writing this as an angry fan who wants to see their team's player appreciated, I would just like to hear your opinions on the matter further.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back.

  • Cam Osborne posted 2106 days ago

    Cam Osborne

    hi there, i loved your article about the 2003 draft class!
    question though, do you think that the culture of the NBA in the past was different in so far that players wanted to stay on their teams for long periods of time? or did the "super team" in Miami just happen because all 3 players were in their contract years? if i remember correctly, Melo had signed a larger deal with the Nuggets leaving him out of any potential super team with LeBron, Wade or Bosh