Jonathan Kelley

Jonathan Kelley


I am a 29 year old small business owner. I served 4years in the Active army and 4years in the National Gaurd. I spent 28months in total in Iraq/Kuwait. I have been a passionate SEC fan my whole life and never miss an Alabama football game. I have a very beautiful wife who I am lucky to have. I have two step children 13 and 17 yall pray for me. I am about three things My God, My Family, and Alabama football and yes it is in that order. I hope to share some insite and passion on the things that I care about,

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  • SCGlenn OC posted 3553 days ago

    SCGlenn OC


  • SCGlenn OC posted 3565 days ago

    SCGlenn OC

    Guess your article about USC turned out to be completely wrong. Probably didn't help your credibility when writing about something that you obviously have no idea of what you're talking about. This article was so full of biased inaccuracies that it humorous. "Matt living in a beach house in Malibu" That's funny. Stick to Alabama football... maybe you have a little more knowledge there. You obviously don't have a clue about what's happening here on the West Coast.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3605 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Tom Osborne was "unlucky.?" Now, you're implying that "luck "had anything to do with two of the most blatant examples ( 82 PSU and 94 OB FSU) of "homer officials" impacting the outcome and deciding the outcome of games. Games that determined NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

    Luck is happenstance. There is no luck or happenstance to speak of when game officials clearly make an effort to impact and decide the outcome of games. That is not luck or happenstance!

    Furthermore, Boooby bowden and FSU shouldn't have even been in the 94 OB. FSU got two gifts in 93/94. One was being allowed to appear in the psuedo national championship game against Nebraska after losing in the regular season and with another team in 1993 undefeated prior to the bowl game. WV should have been playing Nebraska for the NAtional Championship in 1993/94 bowl season, not FSU! And than the bowl game itself and the way the PIECE OF SHIT REFS impacted that game! Go watch the tapes! Tom Osborne should have no less than 5 national championships to booby bowdens ONE 1999!

    Tell it for what it is, not Osborne and Nebraska being "unlucky" they were victimized by dishonest, classless, no integrity, pieces of shit crew of ofiicials in 1982 at PSU and in the 1994 OB! It is what it is.! There is corruption in big time sports and Nebraska has just happened to lose at minimum two national championships because of it.

  • yehonala04 posted 3606 days ago


    pls avoid that utBlows fella he needs a big dose of that there anger mgmt.

  • yehonala04 posted 3606 days ago


    Jonathan you have certainly fired up the blog nation! Keep the wretched ink pouring brother ,college football is most impassioned of Americas games, it is uniquely ours with its anachronistic system of rating and judgement. We are the embattled patriots of Concord and Lexington ,They are the East German judge giving our skater a 1.3 on her routine.

  • VOL03_NC posted 3737 days ago


    2 ot of 3 is not bad..."My God, My Family, and Alabama football " Go VOLS

  • Brandon Hamblen posted 3767 days ago

    Brandon Hamblen

    Penn State versus LSU. Who ya got?

  • Todd Carlton posted 3814 days ago

    Todd Carlton

    I appreciate the note on my wall....What a great game that was for you guys this weekend. Instant classic for sure! I've always wanted to go to the UA/UT game, maybe I'll just have to venture up to Knoxville next year!