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Hello everyone, I am Garrett Olsen and I am going to be a freshman at Colorado State University this fall to major in Journalsim and Mass Communication. I have a great passion for playing, following, and writing about sports. I have played four years of Travel Ice Hockey as well as 10 years of Baseball, but my biggest passion is writing about the Denver Nuggets. I hope to graduate CSU with the major I mentioned earlier and land a job on the radio to talk about the NBA or all Denver local teams. I have been in the Rocky Mountain News paper for certain quotes on Sam Adam articles as well as broadcasted High School Football games. I talk to Travis Heath of every week about the Denver Nuggets and try to gain as much info as I possibly can.

Feel free to agree or disagree with anything I write, just give me feed back on my thoughts and opinions. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my takes.

I write for and you can view the full version of all of my articles there starting on August 21st. I'm at Denver Nuggets on the GO and Fantasy Football on the GO. This is my paying job, so all views are appreciated.

I also cover the Denver Nuggets for

If you have any questions you can reach me at

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  • James Wong posted 4040 days ago

    James Wong

    Hey Garrett,

    I've been away from B/R for a while but just hit it back up with a flurry of articles in the last week and a half.

    Check out my feature on Michael Beasley, and why the Heat should strongly consider keeping him.

    If you like that, check out the others I've written recently, there's one on there about Pat Riley assembling a dynasty in Miami which can be found here:

    Thanks mate, and enjoy!


  • Richard Bowler posted 4128 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    If you have time check out my Mock draft

  • Court Zierk posted 4245 days ago

    Court Zierk

    Hey Garrett.

    Please check out this article and see what you think. Not getting the exposure I think it should. Thanks!

  • James Wong posted 4247 days ago

    James Wong

    hey garrett,

    Two new articles I wrote this week which haven't been getting much coverage.

    Check this one out from yesterday on Roy Hibbert & Greg Oden, two rising centers in the NBA:

    Also from last week my key predictions for the Miami Heat and their new


    Thanks mate!

  • Bhavik Darji posted 4247 days ago

    Bhavik Darji


    Previewing the 2009-2010 NBA season for the Nuggs!

  • micheal malcolm posted 4286 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Garrett

    Here is my latest, the REAL story on Gilbert Arenas along with some breaking news that you may not be aware of!


  • Rich Kurtzman posted 4300 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    They got pissed for teasers? Damn, I guess I will stop all that then. I don't want B/R mad at me, but am interested in MTR.

    Thanks again,

    Yeah, there's a link to my facebook on my profile.


  • Rich Kurtzman posted 4301 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    Garrett, its all good man, don't worry about it.

    Well I'd love to write about the Broncos, or CSU Rams Football and would appreciate it if you asked your boss for me.

    Yeah, KCSU would be just about CSU sports, and I'm not sure about pro sports up here. There is a CBS northern newsroom, but I don't know.


  • Rich Kurtzman posted 4302 days ago

    Rich Kurtzman

    Good to hear from you. First of all, I'm graduated, so no more class or school for me, at least for now. Second, the site looks great, and I would love to write for it, if there is an opportunity there.

    Next, I am interested in KCSU still, and feel that we should go to them sooner rather than later, as getting something together after seasons start will likely be too late. What were you thinking again?

    Anyway, I'll throw your site onto my facebook, which I encourage you to be a fan of, it's on my profile page, and hopefully some of my friends will check it out. It will go along with a tweet. Anyway, hit me back with some info. Cheers


  • micheal malcolm posted 4302 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Garrett

    So after suffering a broken finger ive been able to write a little bit more. LOL. Check out my latest please, comments are always welcomed