A. Version 2.0

A. Version 2.0


I would like to thank you for stopping by my little profile page.

First off, I just want to say sorry to all my amazing fans, due to a bunch of things do in my personal life, I willn't be a regular presence here on Bleacher Report. You won't see the 2-4 articles per week from me anymore.

But I will be sure to give my two cents on any wrestling PPV that takes place, so maybe 2 or 3 articles a month, I know it's a drop off, but it's the best I can do.

I am currently a "Featured Columnist" on the Pro Wrestling Section of Bleacher Report. I will comment on any article I read MOST of the time, sometimes, I just don't have anything to say, lol.

Pro Wrestling is what I grew up on, I remember watching the first boardcasted WCW and since then I have been hooked. I have been following it for about 20 years now, and I'm only 23.

I feel that most of my writing should be on Pro Wrestling since my connection with it is SO deep.

My Favorite Wrestlers Ever are WCW guys, but I like some WWE blood too. Here are me favorite ever.

1. Sting
2. Goldberg
3. Bret Hart
4. Stone Cold
5. Lex Luger
6. Christian
7. Diamond Dallas Page
8. Eddie Guerrero
9. Booker T
10. Chris Benoit (I loved him, I despise what he did)

Football is my favorite actual sport, here are my favorite all-time NFL players:

1. Peyton Manning QB
2. Troy Polamalu SS
3. Ray Lewis MLB
4. Calvin Johnson WR
5. Reggie Wayne WR
6. Carson Palmer QB
7. Steve Smith (Car) WR
8. Drew Brees QB
9. Mario Williams RE
10. Dallas Clark TE

Aside from sports/sports entertainment, I would have to say that my biggest passion is "Marvel Comics", kind of a dorky thing, but I love em.

1. Ghost Rider (movie was horrible, Johnny Blaze was NEVER like that !!!)
2. Venom
3. Captain America
4. Green Lantern
5. Wolverine
6. Iron Man
7. Human Torch
8. Carnage
9. Spiderman
10. Hob Goblin/Green Goblin

I don't get to watch a ton of T.V. shows because of College and such, but when I do catch some time to watch, these are my top 10 favorite shows, that don't include pro wrestling.

1. Tyler Perry's: House Of Payne
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Two And Half Men
4. Tosh .O
5. Psych
6. George Lopez
7. Pawn Stars
8. Big Bang Theory
9. America's Got Talent
10. Royal Pain's

Here are my top favorite movies, I love super hereos, so you'll see a lot of stuff like that in there:

1. Rush Hour Series (Every single one)
2. The Dark Knight
3. 40- Year Old Virgin
4. Iron Man
5. Superbad
6. Spiderman (Original)
7. Iron Man 2
8. Space Jam
9. X-Men: Wolverine Origins
10. Toy Story

I am currently in college, desperately trying to become a dentist. I am sort of a amatuer photographer.

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    Sports Lover

    Miss you!

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    I am back after almost 4 month’s hiatus with a new article. It is my biggest work till date. Your time, read and feedback are highly appreciated as always.



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    Hello! Here is a link to my latest piece, your read and feedback will by very much appreciated: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/790248-celebrating-wwe-and-wrestling-i-am-a-wrestler-let-me-wrestle

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    Charlie Stratford

    Your picture is the background for my PS3.

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    Jacob Waring

    Don't you wish there was a song about Pro-Wrestling? Well I wrote one here:


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    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    I'm back, see if you could read my latest article: http://t.co/UtzFMjj Thanks!

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    Jacob Waring


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    Hello, here my latest work. A complete tribute to the Undertaker. Give it a read and feedback as and when possible.


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    Hello, here is my new article. Give it a read. I would love your feedback.