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  • Scott Polacek posted 616 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Yasha. Always appreciated.

  • Scott Polacek posted 1147 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Yasha. Always appreciate the feedback.

  • R. Cory Smith posted 1321 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Thanks for the edits, Yasha. Really appreciate the feedback and laying out how to fix those errors in the future.

  • Scott Polacek posted 1322 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Yasha. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 1322 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Thanks Yasha! I wondered how to source a screen grab. Now I get it! :)

  • Bob Margolis posted 1539 days ago

    Bob Margolis

    Yasha - Thanks for the copy editing on my NASCAR Watkins Glen preview. I'm not sure what the issue was with the photos, but the slideshow had been edited more than a half dozen times previously and the photos were fine until you noticed the issue. I read through the slideshow just this morning and they were fine. I used photos from our library. I just looked and they are still there. Perhaps you felt the photos I used were not good, and wanted to change them, I am OK with that, too. Also, I triple check all the links before I publish and again, the slideshow was seen by others and there was not a mention of an issue until you saw it. Broken links make me crazy! So you can imagine that I do check them. Thanks again for the copy edit work on the slideshow. - Bob

  • Steve Silverman posted 1545 days ago

    Steve Silverman

    I had referenced extraskater.com previously in the piece and linked to it on the second reference. The Kesler-Sharp rumor was well-established.

  • Curt Popejoy posted 1547 days ago

    Curt Popejoy

    Don't really get some of the edits on my last piece. I really stuggle with lack of consistency among editors. I was told not to embed tweets anymore in slideshows bc they don't show up on team stream and then you put one in. Also, the observation I linked the tweet to is a person who was also in attendance, so I don't know why it was somehow less valid then the one you put in. Lots of changes, don't really feel like it's my work at some point.

  • Scott Polacek posted 1547 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits Yasha, I appreciate it.

  • Tom Urtz Jr. posted 1548 days ago

    Tom Urtz Jr.

    The 2015 reference, I understand. The 2014 one I don't. The fact that the salary cap is $69 million is not breaking news. It is an established fact, it has been for months so I don't see why it needs a link and citation.