John Vukovic

John Vukovic


I am a big hockey fan. I believe the most imperative issue in the hockey world is the removal of Gary Bettman from it.

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  • Matt M posted 2859 days ago

    Matt M

    Hey. I was just wondering if you would be interested in joining a sports discussion forum. This site is a place where you can discuss real life sports etc. We also have sim leagues and a place for people to share articles. If you are interested check out

    Sorry to bug you, and I hope you take a look at the site and maybe join.

  • Brad Kurtzberg posted 2989 days ago

    Brad Kurtzberg

    Thanks for the kind words about my Lidstrom article John. I appreciate it.

  • Ezra Skobeloff posted 3009 days ago

    Ezra Skobeloff

    I appreciate the reads, comments, and likes John. Thanks for your support!

  • John Vukovic posted 3025 days ago

    John Vukovic

    Because of the over sized goalie equipment now unless they change the goalie equipment or the size of the net no one will ever be able to break Gretzky's records.
    Because of his gaudy stats he is the most overrated athlete ever

  • Brendan MacDermott posted 3025 days ago

    Brendan MacDermott

    Wayne Gretzky the most underrated player? You are absolutely insane. I don't care what league, what era, what equipment players were wearing he absolutely tore the league apart and had a 20 year career. If Wayne Gretzky never scored one goal (which he holds the NHL record for) he would still be the career leader in points on assists alone. Think about that one. Then look at all records (60) he has some of which are untouchable, 9 MVPS! Your excuse is the pads were smaller!? Where was everybody else? Being original and having a different point of view doesn't mean you have to be absolutely ridiculous.

  • Amber Lee posted 3031 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there—thanks so much for fanning me on here, I really appreciate the support. Truthfully, I hate to see a Red Wings fan be bested by the (horrific) Predators in the playoffs...I realize my Pens aren't an original six team—but I guess it's been hard to accept anyone beyond 12+...particularly the freaking Predators. That fine for the hit on Zetterberg was beyond bullshit.

  • Robert Wood posted 3036 days ago

    Robert Wood

    Hey John. Thanks for the "props" on the Shea Weber article, by the way. That was my first! And good work on "Crosby One of the Best Ever But..." I just finished a similar piece on the Penguins, with a slightly different angle. Check it out on my profile. I think you'll like the title...

  • Connor LeBlanc posted 3047 days ago

    Connor LeBlanc

    I understand that. I'm not saying anything about your writing skills or how you do your articles. I respect everybody on Bleacher Reports opinion because that's what Bleacher Report is. I'm just saying that I think the Philadelphia flyers team page is not necessarily the place where you will get the most fair results. It's a good article and you did change my view on Crosby a little but I think that he is put out to be somebody who he isn't. Again, the views on Crosby are to the extreme. You either like him or hate him. Also I never said you were afraid to post replies in a biased market and I don't let athletes have an influence on my personality. I like athletes, but unless I know them, they won't influence who I am.

  • Brent Hinz posted 3049 days ago

    Brent Hinz

    Remember how I said on my profile during the Offseason I said that the St. Louis Blues would be your Stanley Cup it's looking good so far. Only if I would've taken those Odds to Vegas at the time 85/1 on a $5 dollar bet. I have no clue what the odds are now?

  • Mike Kent posted 3464 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi, the bleacher report fantasy baseball league is looking for players. If you want to play send me your email and I will send you a invite. First come first serve