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  • Tab Bamford posted 4225 days ago

    Tab Bamford

    I have again reporteled your subtance-less actions to the bleacher report board for their consideration. This is absolutely an open forum for civil discussion. However, what you're doing in childish and lacks any meaningful substance at all. That is why I repoerted your activity, again.

  • Jon Chonar posted 4244 days ago

    Jon Chonar


  • Jon Chonar posted 4250 days ago

    Jon Chonar

    After 43 emails sent about the problem I was having finally someone was professional enough to care of it for me.

    And yes, Bob, heeeessssssss back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Chonar posted 4298 days ago

    Jon Chonar

    Bleacher Report is an open source sports network where you can write your own sports articles and read columns about your favorite teams. With hundreds of original editorials published every day, there's plenty to satisfy even the most hardcore sports fan.

    Where does it say "to make a point"? Where does it say "no negativity about people, teams, etc"? Where did it say you will be corrected like you would in school if the teacher doesn't approve?

    And just one thing, Bob, when you post to me again, please use "spell check" because if you look at your note to me in the last paragraph you wrote and I quote, "If you aer truly trying for satire, make sure it's funny" Make sure you have a point to your articles." What is an aer? Hope you take this the wrong way Bob but try to be more careful.

  • Bob Warja posted 4302 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Hey Jon, welcome to B/R. As the Cubs community leader, I've noticed a very negative tone in your articles on the Cubs. Are you a frustrated Cubs fan or are you a fan of some rival of the Cubs (like the White Sox, Brewers or Cardinals, for instance) who is trying to "stick it" to the team?

    Now, I've been openly critical of the team at times myself, and I certainly have no problem with that. But I have to admit even your so-called "humor" pieces just aren't funny. So it occurs to me that you may have an axe to grind and I'm thinking you may have some hidden agenda.

    Either way, you need to work on your writing. If you aer truly trying for satire, make sure it's funny. And make sure you have a point to your articles.

    Let me know.