E. Spencer Kyte

E. Spencer Kyte


UFC Columnist for Rogers Sportsnet. Feature Writer for ufc.com. MMA Columnist and Blogger for The Province. Regular Contributor to Fight! Magazine and UFC 360 Magazine. Canadian. Follow me on Twitter: @spencerkyte

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  • Elliot Gerard posted 1923 days ago

    Elliot Gerard

    Hey E. Spencer,
    I am a featured illustrator/designer for major sports brands like ESPN, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. I also work directly with professional teams, I am the exclusive digital illustrator for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, I have worked on a variety of digital and merchandise products for The New York Red Bulls and my artwork has been on the cover of the Phoenix Suns Free Throw Magazine. In addition I work with professional athletes organizations like J.R. Smith's Reach Anonymous and sports agents like Hazan Sports Management.

    My work has been written about in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Fox Sports and in many other sports media outlets. Recently I worked on editorial illustrations for Fansided and Cover 32. I would love to have an opportunity to create some designs and illustrations for Bleacher Report as well if you are interested. You can see my work on my website elliotgerard.com or my Instagram account @elliotgerard.

    Thanks for you time and consideration and I look forward to talking further with you.
    All the best,
    Elliot Gerard

  • Mike D posted 3909 days ago

    Mike D

    I've hit literary "rock-bottom"

    If you're still alive, I expect a comment...


  • Marco Yanitelli posted 4002 days ago

    Marco Yanitelli

    Dont let the door hit ya...

  • Mike D posted 4010 days ago

    Mike D

    ESK - this is the article you should come back for (or not)

    Might be a laugh...or not...


  • The Truth Turcott posted 4036 days ago

    The Truth Turcott

    hey E I'm back...lol if you have a second...http://bleacherreport.com/articles/368752-no-fear-gsp-will-rip-through-hardy

  • Mike D posted 4041 days ago

    Mike D

    ESK, without your material, I am constantly bored



  • Nick Colon posted 4048 days ago

    Nick Colon

    Hey Spence,

    Congrats on the Madness landing, and everything else you've been up to bro. I've heard really great things about what you've been doing and it's all awesome man. If you get a chance though, could you check out my new Bellator piece? It's kind of an intro to something bigger we plan on doing with them, and they are about to explode on the biggest stage of them all. Any support you could give is awesome man. Take care Spence,



  • Richard Bowler posted 4048 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    If you want a good laugh check out my new slide show on the greatest sports mullets of all time.

  • jason hughes posted 4048 days ago

    jason hughes


  • jay snyder posted 4055 days ago

    jay snyder

    Hey man check out my first article
    Hope you enjoy :)