Holdon Johnson

Holdon Johnson


I'm a huge fan of sports. I like the Oakland Raiders, New York Yankees, Boston Celtics and Dale Jr. i also like to watch UFC.

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  • JW Nix posted 3395 days ago

    JW Nix

    The Biggest Oversight in Pro Football History: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/389389-jim-tyrer

  • Robert McClure posted 3431 days ago

    Robert McClure

    I do not have a brother Jim. I must say your sign is awesome though

  • Henry Ball posted 3562 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    As President of the Les Miles Fan Club I took a big hit on Saturday Night but is Les really on the Hot Seat?


    I'd appreciate your feedback and I hope you like it, if you find me worthy!

    Thanks in advance. - HB

  • Stephen Meyer posted 3687 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    There has always been a connection between religion and sports, and Major League Baseball has certainly not been the exception to the rule.

    Check out the All-Catholic lineup…the best Catholic names (by position) in MLB history.


    Thanks as always!

    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Richard Marsh posted 3690 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    That's exactly what I did in my last article in the Mets mid-season report. It's Ok I have a lot of other things on my plate but the Mets remain the top gig for me.

  • Stephen Meyer posted 3690 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    A-Rod’s 2009 salary is $33 million. What is the best team (9 hitter lineup with DH, 5 SPs, 1 RP, and a CL) you could create using only his salary as a budget, and no more than 5 players allowed to be making less than $1 million? You would be surprised…


    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Stephen Meyer posted 3696 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer


    The turmoil surrounding the 1977 Yankees earned them the nickname of “The Bronx Zoo.” The current 2009 Yankees have an interesting blend of leaders and pranksters, so I decided to create a LITERAL “zoo.”

    Check out what animal each Yankee would be reincarnated as in a next life.


    Thanks everyone!

    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Phil Kohen posted 3701 days ago

    Phil Kohen

    Yes I am a Yankees fan but I am also a baseball fan and when you compare overall ability and not just homerun hitting Mays is hands down better player than Ruth. If you want to talk just homeruns than Ruth hands down.....2 different players from 2 different eras of baseball.

    it's like aples and oranges

  • Ivan posted 3713 days ago


    Mike hunt is bleeding.

  • Ivan posted 3713 days ago


    Mike Hunt smells funny.