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After going to Northeastern for journalism and working at a couple of papers in the Boston area, I dove from the sinking ship that is print journalism and signed up for service aboard the S.S. Bleacher Report in 2008.

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  • Cal Gildart posted 2070 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Cheers for the note, Tim! I'm chuffed it got tweeted out.

  • carolt mach posted 2179 days ago

    carolt mach

    Wow, thanks you have provided us a bunch of great selective information. Thanks austin youth summer basketball team

  • Sam Lopresti posted 2418 days ago

    Sam Lopresti

    Hi Tim, I've tried tinkering with the table on the second slide of my Bilbao vs. Napoli preview, but those weird indents are still there. Not really sure what's making it happen.

  • Joe Tansey posted 2485 days ago

    Joe Tansey

    Tim, just saw your message, I'm out of the article and ready for an editor to take a look.

  • Kenny DeJohn posted 2518 days ago

    Kenny DeJohn

    Thanks for making that adjustment in record for me, Tim. I should've gone in to double-check. Appreciate it!

  • Peter Panacy posted 2531 days ago

    Peter Panacy

    Thanks for helping out Tim. I appreciate all the help!

  • Matt Hutter posted 2543 days ago

    Matt Hutter

    Hi Tim, thanks for the edit. Is there a tutorial on using the table feature? I've tried using the table/polls feature before because it looks much better but can never expand the columns beyond 5. You say you can cut/paste in that section, could you tell me how? Thanks!

  • Jaideep Vaidya posted 2546 days ago

    Jaideep Vaidya

    Hi Tim,

    Sorry about that. I'm out of the CMS now. You can go ahead. Thanks!

  • R. Cory Smith posted 2585 days ago

    R. Cory Smith

    Hey Tim, I really appreciate the edit. I changed that in my other articles but forgot to go back and change that article. Thanks for catching it.

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 2620 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    About the "Parthenon": I noticed this got changed from "Pantheon."

    I wanted it to remain the "Pantheon," which the Romans built. Wish the original editor would have left it alone because it was correct, but now I see you had to go in and add Greeks. (I'm going to leave it as is, but I would have preferred it to have had "Pantheon" and "Romans.")