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My name is Avry Lewis-McDougall, I am a 18 year old sports show host in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada and a college student. I am a college baseball player and a die hard Edmonton Oilers fan.
I hope to contribute often and consistently to the bleacher report.
P.S.: Yes I did meet Pete Rose, he has me in a semi hug/head lock in the picture, a very nice guy and needs to be in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, the betting scandal has blown over so why cant Pete be forgiven?
Also, check out my weekly sports show on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/avryofedmonton Tuesday nights at 6PM Mountain.

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  • Louis Pisano posted 3890 days ago

    Louis Pisano

    Avry man keep working on your articles here man, write some stuff on the Oilers future who they should draft the future of Jeff Druin DesLaurier between teh pipes who will take KHabibulins spot next or if he'll come back, lots to write on tehm garenteed you'll get alot of reads on that! Peace bro! catch ya around morencysports

  • Louis Pisano posted 3922 days ago

    Louis Pisano

    Yeah man I have been. This time of the year is nuts! Hope ya had a great Christmas dude! Have a wicked New Year bro! Peace!

  • Louis Pisano posted 3923 days ago

    Louis Pisano

    Sweet shot with Pete Rose man! Hype!

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 3983 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    You’ll all be happy to know that I am pushing the publication date of the magazine back to around November 15th when the playoffs will be starting. It just doesn’t make much sense to put one out at the end of October. This is good because I am also busy right now as I am sure you all are.

    Anyway, the theme for our playoff preview will be, “Why the … will win the Cup”. For our team section we will be doing one article for each team that makes the playoffs stating why they have a shot to win the Grey Cup. I think this is fitting because any team can win in the playoffs. Obviously every playoff team hasn’t been determined, but if you would like to write an article about a certain team let me know, even if they haven’t secured a playoff spot. I already have one writer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I assume Calgary Stampeders, so every other team except the Toronto Argonauts are up for grabs. Similiarrily, if you would like to write a team article for a team that doesn’t make the playoffs you can as well. The team previews will basically be first come first serve (unless you are a team writer who has been writing about a particular team all season long in which case you can have the chance if you would like)

    Also, for our playoff preview, it would be cool if everyone made their predictions once the teams were determined. This way I could list all of the previews and we could see who is right at the end. Also, if each writer could send a list anytime of who they think the league all-star team should be then I could once again put them all together.

    Besides these playoff previews, if you have any other idea for an article, preferably something that kind of wraps up the regular season let me know. Also, if you have an idea for a monthly column or something let me know as well.

    Finally, if you own a website or write for a site and would like to advertise it on the mag let me know. It of course will be free. You can either send me a rough design of your add or just tell me what you would like to say.

    If you have any questions give me a shout


  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 4019 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    Hey, do you think you will be contributing an article for this months edition of the magazine.

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 4037 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    Second issue of the mag has been released! There is a note about it on the CFL page.

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 4048 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    Hillarious as usual Avry... I think we need a name for your humour column...

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 4048 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    Hey Avry,

    I liked your humour piece you submitted for the first issue of the magazine. Will you be submitting one for this issue?

  • Jonathan Hamelin posted 4052 days ago

    Jonathan Hamelin

    Attention Writers of Fans of the CFL

    It is around that time again when writers should be planning or starting to write their articles for the second issue. If you are planning to have an article included in the second issue, please send me an email with your idea at roughriderfreek@hotmail.com, or post a note on my board.

    I hope to publish the second issue early September, so if articles could come in early next week or a bit later that would be good.

    Also, I noticed there was some free space in the first issue of the magazine, so I think I’ll put some advertisements in there. If any of you have a site that you run, or a sports column your write on another site and would like to place an add about it in the magazine (free of charge) just let me know.


  • Richard O'Neal posted 4059 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Breaking News: Powe to sign with Cavs!

    See my brief report here and tell me what you think.