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  • Bill N posted 3072 days ago

    Bill N

    I would love to get your comments on “With NCAA Amateurism a Joke, Here's How to Fix the Mess” at:

    I hope you find that this article finally pulls together the problems with the NCAA and practical solutions that will help the athletes and colleges.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Will Danielson posted 3316 days ago

    Will Danielson

    He did it twice, not a double post

  • Will Danielson posted 3316 days ago

    Will Danielson

    Hey you are going to want to visit Dave Matthews page. This is getting a little ridiculous. He used to just make annoying, inappropriate comments about Notre Dame, but he said to Heather
    Dave Matthews commented on Heather Fox's profile
    Heather you have big tits. I want them in my mouth17 hours ago
    Dave Matthews commented on Heather Fox's profile
    Heather you have big tits. I want them in my mouth17 hours ago

  • Jim Sheridan posted 3368 days ago

    Jim Sheridan

    Eric, this is the link to Justice Hayes game on Friday, I guess he was cold but heated up.

  • Jeff Kalafa posted 3395 days ago

    Jeff Kalafa


    A duplicate article entitled, "The Year 2012 and Notre Dame's Apocalyptic Schedule" has emerged on the Notre Dame web site which has left the Bleacher Report community searching for answers.

    Originally published days ago by one Eric Murtaugh, a complete copy of its contents has been published today by one Barking Carnival. Who is the imposter? Bleacher Report fans around the country, and Canada, want and deserve to know.

    Until a clear explanation of this embarrassing situation can be presented, questions of plagiarism need to be addressed.

    Will this bring down the popular Eric Murtaugh in a ring of flames? Will Barking Carnival be exposed as the plagiarist?

    These and other questions have to be answered before credibility can return to Bleacher Report, and these two columnists.

  • Jim Sheridan posted 3396 days ago

    Jim Sheridan

    I just checked Grand Blanc's schedule and I should be able to make 3 of their games, I ll keep you posted on how Hayes looks.

  • Dylan T posted 3426 days ago

    Dylan T

    Thank you for being the voice of reason on all things Notre Dame.

  • John Doublin posted 3469 days ago

    John Doublin

    Be sure to join me on "It's Game Tyme" An internet sports talk/call in show hosted by me and fellow B/R writer DawgFather. The topics this week: Pac-10/Big-10 expansion, NBA Playoffs and the Clinton Portis-Lavar Arrington feud.

    Saturday, May 22nd at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT at:

    I hope you'll tune in!

  • Nate Featherstone posted 3496 days ago

    Nate Featherstone

    i'm sorry, but what your article said about the sabres is very inaccurate. you said recchi went into the corner with a sabres defensemen that was twice his size and knocked him over. Actually that was a sabres FORWARD named Tim Kennedy and Tim is actually like half the size of recchi.

  • Will Danielson posted 3505 days ago

    Will Danielson