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  • Xeno-philous F posted 3871 days ago

    Xeno-philous F

    I am hoping you have time to read my new piece.
    Thank you so much,
    Title: 2010 US Open Semifinal: 2nd Best Novak Djokovic To Topple Roger Federer

  • Emma posted 4017 days ago


    It's not that interesting really. But if you really wanna know, then at some point I'll get around to it ;-)

    Hehe, I've actually never read any tennis autobios. Think Russell Brand's is the only one I ever bothered to get :P Though I do LOVE Mcenroe so maybe I will :D

    My composition—absolutely, if I can figure out a way to upload it. Just now it's on a software program at my school and I dunno if it can be transferred. Might see if I can get a hold of a tape recorder, but that'd mean I'd have to learn how to actually play it ;-)

    I is happy though :D

    Health issues are *almost* non-existent now—I even went back to football training on Wednesday! :D That was after a team day out on Tuesday, during which I told the coach to f--- off...

    He did deserve it though :P (He was taking the piss outta my dislike/fear of water...while we were on a boat.)

    Exams start a week on Wednesday...kind of panicking a little bit. Ah well.

  • Frankie posted 4022 days ago


    Haven't been to BR for a long time but logged on to ask you and Emma what you make of the new Shakira video hehe.

  • Emma posted 4022 days ago


    Sorry, I forgot...owe you a response on that whole "incompatible" thing. Will get around to it soon :)

    How are ya?

  • Blaine Spence posted 4067 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    Don't "mock" first stab at an NFL Mock Draft:

  • Emma posted 4078 days ago


    Sod it, I ain't "melancholy" no longer.

    Going with the "I hate men" stance for the day :P

  • Emma posted 4079 days ago


    I'll reply to your PM when I can, my dear, but this weekend has me feeling somewhat melancholy...Valentine's, you know...

  • Blaine Spence posted 4083 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    Can a track meet really save the planet?

    On of the most amazing pieces I have read:

  • Emma posted 4083 days ago


    Sorry, had a rough few days, hence the late response.

    Football and golf, yeah. Like both of them a lot—footie obviously gives a better physical workout, which has a hugely positive effect on the rest of one's life, while playing golf is (for me) more of a chance for reflection/mapping out creative ideas whilst attempting to hit the ball straight.

    Granted, I've not played the latter in several months...really ought to get back out there, actually.

    Don't really follow football, though. It's impossible not to keep up slightly when your best friend and several members of your family are bonkers about it, but I prefer playing to watching.

    Although if it's a toss-up between watching football and studying, there isn't even a contest ;-)

    Hope all is well on your end.

  • Emma posted 4092 days ago


    Yeah...but to be honest, I've stopped caring so much about the rankings. All I want at present is for my men to be healthy; everything else will follow naturally.

    Oh, and...2 hours of football on a freakin' rock solid pitch, and literally no pain! Well, unless you count my sore toe (got stood on with studs) :P

    So happy :D

    Watching the final at the moment—taped it this morning. Don't know the final score, so... :P