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“I want to do that.” “That’s what I was meant to do.” “That will be me someday.” These are all phrases that go through my head when I watch any sports analysts on ESPN. For a guy in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is a bold statement but one that I also fully believe in.

My background is in sports and I would equate the fear I had with approaching random people to the fear I had on the basketball court. I always had a unique confidence in myself when I played basketball but that came with the fear of somebody being better than me and them beating me. I would tell myself, “no fear,” and repeat it to myself all the time. I end up taking this approach with my stories. If I don't have fear then I will succeed and this turned out to be the case.

I have a long way to go, and am happy to have another year of school to work on getting better. I know I can improve in a number of areas, but that's what stepping up and writing for a website or newspaper that matters is all about.

If you like what I write or want to write me a message about how much you don't like what I write, follow me on twitter: @Zach_ArthurSLC

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  • jason santino posted 1621 days ago

    jason santino

    jazz get 10th,32nd,39th pick & Thad young
    76ers get 5th pick

    jazz get thad young who is Only 25 can play sf/pf has a high motor and average 17 points 6 rebounds a game and is instant upgrade over Richard Jefferson and marvin Williams, plus 3 good draft picks in one of the deepest draft classes in a very long time

    76ers get 5th pick and draft Vonleh who will be a cornerstone player in their team next to noel and whoever they draft with 3rd pick

    trade idea I came up with

  • Alexander Bonaparte posted 1816 days ago

    Alexander Bonaparte

    Enjoying your articles Zachary! Keep up the good work

  • Christian Collum posted 1827 days ago

    Christian Collum

    What's your opinion on this trade?
    Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones and Thunder's 2013 1st round pick. It has already been reported that the Thunder are interested in Evan Turner.
    Personally I love this trade. The main reason is because it would give the Sixers a third 1st round pick in the loaded 2013 draft. Also both Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes have contracts that expire at the end of the season and we all know there is no way either of them are coming back (Evan wants to win and will be replaced in the draft and Hinkie won't pay Hawes if he already has the future Center on the roster in Nerlens Noel) so why not get what we can for them now? The Jazz didn't take the advantage of trading away their expiring contracts of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap which could have landed them a first rounder. Also by adding Lamb and Jones this trade would add to the good quality of young players on the roster. Perkins would fill the void of a center for the rest of the season and then would be moved in the offseason. Also and most importantly, this trade would cause the Sixers to lose more games this season, it sucks to lose but it's what's best for the team.

  • Mark Johnson posted 2018 days ago

    Mark Johnson

    I see that youre a big Sixers fan, I'd love if you could come over to a site I work on and make the Sixers' pick in our fan interactive mock draft. I'd really appreciate it! Here's the link

  • Lionel Simms posted 2238 days ago

    Lionel Simms

    Don't worry about small mistakes you have the right attitude to be a very good writer.

  • Lionel Simms posted 2238 days ago

    Lionel Simms

    The game is in the swamp not death valley and that makes a huge difference. Check out the schedules.

  • Krista Arthur posted 2300 days ago

    Krista Arthur

    No fear...I like it!