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  • Dallas Mavericks Examiner posted 2486 days ago

    Dallas Mavericks  Examiner

    Ashley, I am not familiar with the Second Mile or issues at Nebraska so I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. I will look into it.

    What do you feel are the issues with the Freeh report? Rick Santorum seems to have issues with it as well.

    I primarily cover the Mavericks so anything I write outside of that just happens to be something that catches my attention. However, what the national media chooses to cover and not cover sometimes amazes me. The most profound example is the Trayvon Martin case, which became a national obsession, while the Daniel Adkins case has been completely ignored. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger audience for non-sports related topics which are frequently more important. All in good time.

  • Ashley Boyer posted 2491 days ago

    Ashley Boyer

    Yes I am :)

  • larry higo posted 2498 days ago

    larry higo

    I posted this on the board but here it is in an email too just to correct all of your egregious errors

    You know you're ignorance (as in not knowing) astounds me as you're ignorant when it serves your purpose. First, the White House was warned 28 times leading up to the 9/11 event. 28 times and it was well reported and well documented. Here is a link to it but there are literally hundreds of thousands of links to it:

    If you look through them, it was reported in the Washington Post, NY times, LA Times and so on.

    So really, all this time you've been blaming Freeh for incompetence, he did his job and was reporting to an unresponsive White House. In fact he was not head of the FBI when it actually had occurred so, he warned the White House on multiple occasions about just such an attack and then wasn't the director when they occurred. What more did you want him to do that didn't make it his fault other than holding a gun to Bush's head ands saying: "Here's what our intelligence says!"......You're blaming what was a very successful FBI tenure on the most incompetent president in US history.

    You're the same way with anything dealing with Paterno except while you ignore all of the hundreds of thousands of sources that say that Freeh did try to warn the White House, you ignore all of the evidence that tells you common sensiically that Paterno was up to his eyeballs int he cover up or else it was the most coincidental incompetence in history. Great choice, doddering old man or horribly corrupt child rape enabler.

    I answered a second post of yours too> How is it that Paterno who by his own admission demanded to know all of the details around football issues wasn't even remotely interested in this when it occurred in the football facilities and would have resulted in a scandall which it did. How is it that when sandusky was first arrested, Paterno stopped an engagement he was on; took a break and then when it was settled so to speak, resumed his engagement? Why did Curley and Schultz reference calls from him in the emails from 1998 and finally why in 1999 did Paterno handwrite that there were to be no children allowed with Sandusky in the PSU football facilities? You do no research and blame Freeh for 9/11 but you read all the research about Paterno yet nothing he did even begins to raise your level of suspicion?