Daniel Arouchian

Daniel Arouchian


Dan was born in Armenia, but moved to Montreal when he was two. As a child, he learned to love hockey, or maybe there’s just something they put in the water there to make everyone a Habs fan.

He is proudly addicted to Coach’s Corner,Family Guy and the Simpsons. He has a niece who will be a heartbreaker princess and he hopes he will never have to go to jail on her behalf.

As a result of being a Habs fan, he met his best friend, who also writes for Bleacher Report. He thinks she’s an amazing hockey historian and sincerely hopes her brain won’t explode from all of the history she’s got stuffed in there. Dan wrote his profile in the third person because that’s how Kovalev would do it

As for the rest…blah, blah, blah. Is there a hockey game on?

January 2009
* Most Comical Writer

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  • Indians Fan posted 2669 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Go Canadiens!

  • Krishna Dhani posted 4226 days ago

    Krishna Dhani

    Hey Hoping you can stop by and look at this article about the victory of the coltshttp://bleacherreport.com/articles/253807-the-colts-beat-the-beat-the-jaguars

  • Adrian Staehle posted 4228 days ago

    Adrian Staehle


  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 4243 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    The Perfect Hockey Team!

  • nate rom posted 4265 days ago

    nate rom

    great stories

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 4275 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Hi then, hello again! This is a celebration of the Bleachers on my milestone article. Hope you have a chance to give a look.


    All the best!

  • Andy Bensch posted 4276 days ago

    Andy Bensch


  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 4277 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Hey I wrote an article about my take on the Erin Andrews video scandal. Take a look when you get a minute. Thanks.