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Jason Dunigan


To all my loving fans...

You are smarter, better looking, wealthier and more well-liked than I am, and you've told me so on multiple occasions. I probably dropped out of school in kindergarten to sell tickets to the flea circus, and my kids all probably hate me for abandoning them before they were born. At age 40 I moved back in to my Mother's basement to restart my aligator-sweat-scented candle-making business. I can only hope to one day be lucky enough to stand in the shadows of all your great achievements in life. Can I tell people you are my friend?

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  • Joe Greene posted 3145 days ago

    Joe Greene

    Just a little bit about your article on schools that could move up from FCS to FBS. Liberty has a stadium at 19,200, but the student body is currently closer to 9k. With that said, the campus is undergoing massive upgrades that will move the student body up to 20k and should be done in 5 years. The football stadium is set up for a 2nd phase of expansion, to begin once the money is available, up to 24k with a third phase to follow which will move it to an even 30k.

    There's also a feasibility study being completed in March and the rumor around those who would actually know is that Liberty/App St will both announce in April that they're heading to the Sun Belt together.

  • Derrick Stacy posted 3368 days ago

    Derrick Stacy

    Jason, could you please shoot me in an email, derrick@sports-at-work.com, and maybe we could talk a bit more candidly? Small world that you are living up in Elkview. I actually just relocated to Charleston in January.

  • Derrick Stacy posted 3368 days ago

    Derrick Stacy

    Jason, I see you had some similar interests to myself in an article you penned regarding ACC and super conference status. I'm the writer of the original piece from back in June for Southern Pigskin. I'd be interested in talking with you in regards to working with our website, http://www.sports-at-work.com. Check it out and touch base with me, if you have any interest.

  • Scott Wilson posted 3825 days ago

    Scott Wilson

    Jason, I just put this article together finally and would love to get your input if you have the time:

    Jim Delany and the Big Ten's Expansion: A Size 12 or 16 Footprint?


    Thanks in advance!

  • The Sports Prophet posted 3836 days ago

    The Sports Prophet

    Hi, My name is Alex Brooks and I run a new website called the Sports Prophet .com and I would like to bring you on as our Big East College Football writer if you are interested. The site has just finished design and we are reaching out to our first wave of writers now.

    If you are interested please reply or shoot me an e-mail at:


    Thank You

  • JW Nix posted 3852 days ago

    JW Nix

    a remembrance :