Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth


Hello everybody,My name is Vince,I am here to talk about Baseball,Football.&.Wrestling and to chat with knowledgeable fans,That loves sports just as much as i do,I am huge WWE Fan since the late 80's,My favorite eras were the Atitude and Ruthless Aggressions Eras,Those Eras were awesome,My favorite past and present WWE Superstars and Divas:The Rock,SCSA,Bret-The Hitman-Hart,The Undertaker,Edge,CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,Dean Ambrose,Dolph Ziggler,Neville,The Lucha Dragons,Tyson Kidd.&.Cesaro,Trish Stratus,Lita,Beth Phoenix,Layla,Michelle McCool,Melina,AJ Lee,Natalya,Lana,NXT Divas:Bayley,Becky Lynch,Charlotte and Sasha Banks,Favorite TNA Knockouts:Gail Kim and Taryn,I am also a die hard Yankee and Cardinals Fan Since 1990.&.2003,My Favorite Past.&.Present Yankee Players:The Core 5:(Jeter,Pettitte,Posada,Rivera and Williams),Dellin Betances,Brett Gardner,John Ryan Murphy,Jose Pirela and Masahiro Tanaka,My Favorite Cardinals Players:Adam Wainwright,Lance Lynn,Yadier Molina and Peter Bourjos,New York Giants Fan Since 2006,Casual Basketball Fan,I am also a big fan of the following Music Genres:Old Hip Hop,R.&.B,Neo-Soul,Country,Old Skool R.&.B and Classic Rock.

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  • New Day GOAT posted 1220 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Come join us and make your picks for Takeover San Antonio and Royal Rumble. There is a forum board to have conversations. Trying to get the old BR gang back together again.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1227 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Did you enjoy Alexa vs Becky, with the masked woman identity revealed?

  • New Day GOAT posted 1230 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    It was just announced that there will be NXT awards handed out before Takeover San Antonio happens. It is time to make some predictions!

    * Takeover of the Year: Dallas
    * Tag Team of the Year: The Revival
    * Breakout Star of the Year: Ember Moon
    * Female Competitor of the Year: Asuka
    * Male Competitor of the Year: Samoa Joe
    * Superstar of the Year: Shinsuke Nakamura
    * Match of the Year: Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT TakeOver: Dallas)

    How about you?

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1230 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I am sure Vince wants Cena to break it before retirement. Will Cena be able to go for years and get a schedule like the Undertaker? I did not see SDL, but it sounded good from what I read.

  • Mr Skull posted 1230 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Stephanie and Mick Foley are taking too much airtime. Learn from Smackdown. Shane rarely appears. Aside from talking Smack, Daniel Bryan takes 5 minutes at most. In old days, Vince used to take a lot of screen time, but it was entertaining. He added something interesting to the show. Stephanie and Foley segments are boring.
    Can't wait for the Women's steel cage match on SD.
    Who's your pick to win the Rumble? Mine's Balor for now. I hope its not Goldberg, Lesnar or other part timer.

  • Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron posted 1232 days ago

    Lydia The Gift of Hugs Aaron

    Raw was meh. SD was good; I just wish the match with Cena and Corbin wasn't so run-of-the-mill comeback style match. I actually think NXT won the week. The storytelling was off the charts and we got a great match with DIY and The Revival. Then you had Asuka actually looking vulnerable and really selling that scene when she bursts into Regal's office saying she want to fight all of them. That scene got me pumped for Takeover. I cannot wait!!

    What was your favorite match of the week? Did you see the first part of the UK tournament? What were your thoughts on it? I thought it was good considering they all had to be short matches. I kind of wish they stretched the tournament to three days to allow some of the first round matches to have some breathing room. The Quarter finals, semis, and finals should give us some great matches though. Also that was a pretty bad botch by the ref in that match between Devlin and Burch. Nasty wound to Burch as well.

  • Mr Skull posted 1232 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Whats up Vince! A little late but Happy New Year haha.
    I'll be watching this week's NXT and LU together tomorrow. I'm only watching SD Live nowadays because I'm tired of Raw's nonsense. I still watch JeriKO's segments on youtube because they're funny and few other. SD Live is a better show, even if the show is below average sometimes, it doesn't annoy me much. This week's SD was average. Heel Ziggler, Miz and Ambrose's segment, Backstage segment with Becky, Alexa and Bryan and the tag team title match were the good parts. Carmella vs jobber was terrible. Cena vs Corbin ended too soon.
    I still read Raw reviews and found out this week's Raw was even worse than SD which was average at the best. Whats your thoughts on this week's WWE programming other than NXT?

  • New Day GOAT posted 1233 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    Everything is going well and glad the weekend is finally here. It will be two great days of watching playoff football. Let's talk wrestling before all that happens!

    - Things that Raw did right:
    • Strowman continues to be a monster heel and booked very well
    • Gallagher getting a win is always a plus
    • Reigns is no longer US champion
    • Neville continues to be a nasty heel and the next CW champion
    • Undertaker cutting a good promo on entering Royal Rumble match

    - Things that Raw did wrong:
    • The Authority continues to hog the spotlight as usual
    • Nobody cares about Titus wanting to be in New Day
    • Rusev is being treated like a joke as usual
    • Bayley losing was a stupid decision
    • Rollins continues to have nothing to do

    - Things that SD did right:
    • Ambrose outsmarting Miz
    • Ziggler taking out Kalisto and Crews got great heat from the crowd
    • AA vs new Wyatt Family was very entertaining

    - Things that SD did wrong:
    • Carmella vs jobber match was awful
    • Ellsworth needs to go away forever
    • Corbin losing to Cena clean was dumb

    Match of the week goes to The Revival vs DIY because their matches never fail to amaze me.

    How about you? Good luck with your NFL picks!

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1233 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I do as well, but Cena winning breaks a record or ties it?

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1234 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Will Cena beat Styles later this month?