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Ben Dewison


I am a 16 year old boy, who is currently studying in year 11. I have an opinion on most topics, but am most knowledgeable on football. Aside from school and family, football is my main passion and any formidable career relating to it would would be my hypothetical dream.

I'm also privileged enough to work for Crystal Palace FC and send every other weekend writing on this blog about tactics and their home matches in general: At the moment it's relatively new and quite hard to locate on the internet, so if anyone looked at it I would be very appreciative.

Feel free to contact me regarding any pressing issues or questions, or just a general chat. I am always open.


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  • Shane Heffernan posted 1590 days ago

    Shane Heffernan

    Hey bud, how is it going? Cool stuff with that crystal palace thing...i will have to check it out.

    Yah, I agree. You want players in their prime years (usually 23-27 for attackers and full backs) and then sell them on at 28+ for a nice fee. It all really depends on your clubs financial situation though.

    With that being said, I think Chelsea have done really well this transfer window.

    That is the thing about Lallana. He has one break out year and his fee gets stupid. I think he has talent but no way he is a world class player.

    Definitely disagree with your comment about Shaw being better than Gibbs offensively. That is not even close. Gibbs is much better going forward IMO. The problem I have with Shaw is he will never be profitable if bought for 30 million as that would be a world record for a full back if I am not mistaken which would mean even if he some how became the best full back in the world, he still might not even be worth that much. Only way his fee would make sense is if he turned into another Gareth Bale. Him being English is the only other logical reason to the fee because he will most likely stay at his english club for the next 10 years (assuming he becomes a good left back).

    I don't know if I said full backs were less important on the field tbh. I think quality full backs is a must. I remember Atletico Madrid failing for like 5 years because they did not have an actual right back and then they converted Juanfran to right back. I just think you can find full backs for good prices vs trying to find a top class striker for a good price. I mean just look at when full backs like Sagna, Evra, Maicon, etc moved from their clubs to the big teams.

    Yah Brazil got bailed out big time. For me Felipe Luis is probably the best left back in the world right now so to not take him is crazy.

    Good talking to you bud

  • Abz posted 1617 days ago


    I use Safari, that's probably why.

    Yeah, surely Suarez will stay now. He played a big role in getting them into the CL and I can't see him leaving elsewhere, maybe the season after if Liverpool fail to win the league again. Their confidence has clearly gone up and Suarez will most likely stay because he will believe that Liverpool will push for the title again.

    I can also see them buying a few players, maybe 3 top class signings to go straight into their first team or maybe even on the bench. Lallana is one name being thrown around at the moment, not sure which defenders they're being linked with but they need a few reinforcements there. Maybe look at Micah Richards, it's a risk but he's a quick, versatile and strong defender who'll boost their depth.

    Evra has been a liability because he has had to play every game of the season, if used properly I reckon he'll be more effective for us. As a back-up to Luke Shaw, he'd be great. Which is why I want him to stay. Rio Ferdinand took a pay cut in his final season, so Evra could do the same, plus I'm not sure wages are that big of a deal in this particular situation.

    Sinclair is a good example, I did not know he cost you that much! Wow his attitude must've been poor. Is he still a Manchester City player now then? Or is he released?

    Fair enough, but then again Ryan Giggs is now the assistant manager for us, a decision made by Louis Van Gaal, so I can't criticise Moyes too much for that decision.

    If Saidy Janko gets his chance and fails I will be extremely shocked. I just hope he gets the chance because after this season, he deserves it. If Louis Van Gaal deploys his new system of 3-5-2 (a system that he is currently experimenting with) I can see Valencia and Janko rotating in that right wing-back position. However, If what I think is true, and LvG still plays his favoured 4-3-3 formation, it's going to be harder for Janko to get called up. Hopefully Ryan Giggs tells him how good he is!

    Apart from Rafael's thinking, I can't fault his game. He's just far too hot-headed and makes a lot of rash tackles, giving cheap free-kicks away. Apart from that he's brilliant at going forward, makes great crosses, links up with our midfield well and defends well on one on one situations. The one time I get nervous is when he's chasing someone quicker than him, because he usually pulls the player back which leads to a cheap and unnecessary free kicks.

    You have a point about Moyes, and I tend to agree that I'm not giving him enough credit on the Januzaj situation.

    I agree, we need to sign two defensively-minded midfielders. I disagree about Adnan in a 4-3-3 though, I'd like to see him as one of our wide players. I'd like to see Mata more central but we'll see what Van the man does.


    My final exam is on the 18th, so don't complain to me! However, I only have 3 exams and they're quite spread apart thankfully.

    Haha me too, if Diego Lugano somehow plays like Vincent Kompany I will be fuming and I'm sure you will too!

    I have a feeling Roy will be far too conservative and not take enough chances, I think he'll end up regretting it, but it's just my gut feeling. I sincerely hope that I am wrong though. I'm not saying throw the kitchen sink at them but I have a feeling Roy will play a team to get a draw.

    This is what Stan thinks the team will be:

    For example, If I was Roy I'd play Sturridge and Rooney however, Stan feels that Roy will pick Rooney and no Sturridge. Milner over Sterling is something I would do too, but it's another example.

    I'm with you on the comment about South American teams. For example, I don't think Mexico will qualify from group A, despite them being the 2nd favourites. I think Croatia will edge them to it.
    Another example is Netherlands over Chile, but in this case, even the pundits/bookies don't think Chile will go through, despite, Chile looking like a top side (especially when they beat us at Wembley recently). Same with Ecuador in group E.
    Colombia is another team that is being overrated in my opinion. How they're ranked 5th is beyond me. I also think Japan will top that group, despite the bookies/pundits claiming they're third favourites!

    I'll be Miranda, Felipe Luis, Marquinhos were the players I couldn't understand. Moura I can because he has been benched and hasn't impressed but I would still take him because Brazil need the natural width.
    Saying that I think if they faced Spain, a similar outcome to the confed cup will happen. I think Brazil should be the most confident going into the tournament. I really don't understand why they didn't persuade Costa more, also if I was in Costa's shoes I'd have picked Brazil. Imagine them with Costa! Wow.
    Also, Diego Costa could even miss the WC (or at least a part of it).

    "I don't see how you can win tournaments without the ability to make quick transitions and have outlets who can carry the ball across the pitch." I agree with your Argentina comment to an extent but they have Aguero, Messi and Di Maria that alone can win you the WC, as long as they all stay fit and play at their best.

    I think Oscar will be in the first team, let's wait and see.

    Anyways, as you know I love a good prediction, here's mine:

  • Abz posted 1621 days ago


    I've only been to the Bernabeu once, and that was a birthday gift. Probably just a one time thing, it'll be a while before I can save up to go somewhere like that again.

    I'm not a season ticket holder anymore, so I won't be able to see LVG's red army either. Next season will be so boring for me! United aren't in the CL either, arghhh. This is why I'm so excited for the WC.

    I go on the website, and see that there's one comment - which was you testing, I believe. Then, I comment using my google+ account and it won't publish. Maybe it's just the operating system I'm using or maybe the web browser. Not sure what the problem is but basically I can't post a comment. What operating system are you using? And, web browser? I have a feeling it might be that.

    It'll be interesting to see them next season for that purpose. They're rumoured to be buying Adam Lallana, I wonder where he'll fit into the team? So, clearly Rodgers is trying to deepen that squad. It's a big challenge for him next season, because Liverpool won't be the dark horses anymore, they'll have high amounts of pressure on them to challenge for the title.

    Smalling, Evans, Jones and a new CB will be ahead of him, but LVG has a knack of giving youth a chance. If Keane performs well in the pre-season and catches LVG's eye, he might give him a shot, just like he did to Puyol over a decade ago.

    Where'd you think Rodwell will end up? I bet you'd love him at West Brom! Big expectations for Rodwell, he signed for a fee of £12m and he was dubbed as the next Roy Keane by some City fans, I still remember that flag they took down about him being better than Roy Keane. Classic.

    I would call Fernandinho a box-box midfielder, for sure. Based on everything you've just said!

    One of my best friends in a Spurs fan, and he always brags about Levy and how fortunate they are to have him, but I never understood that either. I remember he was buzzing about Baldini joining because he said "Lamela will come with him, from Roma". This was a signing that AVB apparently disagreed with, and at the end of the day he's the one using him so it was so strange. Might as well not have a manager at all, just make Baldini the manager.

    "I understand that but your point doesn't really counter my case that he would have been better off retaining more staff, and limiting disruption." I agree with your point, as I did from day 1 when we discussed this back in July/August but I was just looking at it from David Moyes' point of view and how he'd like to have familiar faces around him.
    LvG for example, has stated that he likes to keep one face from the club working with his staff, and you can see why, but every manager is different, and it's easy to say in hindsight, what he should've done. I just feel it's up to what the manager wanted to do and if he felt brining his own people in was right, then I understand that and move on.

    I said he's better than Rafael, Saidy Janko is a beast of a RB. I also think you're being harsh on Rafael, look back to what he did in 2012/13, he was outstanding. I'd be let down if we wasted 20 million on a RB like Coleman. We need to use that money elsewhere.

    Januzaj was on the bench at West Brom, Sir Alex's last game in charge, and in the pre-match interview he said Adnan will "definitely be a regular in the first team next season". Moyes deserves credit but most managers would've done the same. Giving someone a debut is one thing, trusting them and using them week in and week out is another. Barkley clearly should've been utilised more by Moyes.

    Valencia, Lingard, Zaha, Januzaj, Kagawa, and a new LW/RM is more than enough in my opinion. Liverpool came second this season, and name the wide players they have...

    Well, it's hard to compare Wilshere with anyone because he's always injured. Carrick over Cleverley for me, I think he'll be a useful squad player for us next season. No comment on Fletcher, I'm too biased to comment on him.

    Evra got a rating of 7.32 on the website you regularly reference.

    He also made the seasonal team of the year for LB.

    He's been decent this season, and I feel he can offer a fair bit next season.

    Good to see you have faith in Morrison, would be nice to see him go back to West Ham and propel there.

    All those examples were of teams who played shockingly and in 2 of the 3 cases, they were actually favourites, so you can understand why the manager has said that.

    Chelsea have a lot of ball-playing personnel too. They can play the way Munich do, Mourinho just doesn't seem to think it's ideal for them. Maybe now, they've secured Diego Costa we can see more of a dominant Chelsea. Maybe see wingers hog the touchline a bit more, like Bayern do.

    Pep didn't change anything vs Real Madrid, which is why I suggested something needs to be tweaked.

    Good point about the head coaches. I'm curious why do you have doubts about Hughton? I thought he did well at Newcastle and then at Norwich?

    I suppose, but Sherwood did a good job and still didn't get the Spurs job, there has to be a reason why. I think it's due to his inexperience as a manager.

    I guess, but hasn't Cole announced his retirement? If Baines gets injured, what actually happens? I didn't watch the interview, just saw all the teams online.

  • Abz posted 1621 days ago


    Yeah, all clubs should. I went to the Bernabeu 3 weeks ago, and they have the most ultra zone you'll ever see. It's incredible. All clubs should, but it's not the case sadly.

    I just couldn't comment, I clicked submit after I wrote my comment and it didn't post. I asked you anyways, so it doesn't matter now as long as it works now.

    Not sure, Skrtel just seemed out of it towards the end. Sir Alex Ferguson always rotated his squad, but I suppose it'll come with experience for Brendan Rodgers.

    That must be the first time I've ever heard Aspas being compared to Luis Suarez!

    Spot on about City's young talent. It's similar to Chelsea. I was at the u21 game last night at Old Trafford and Chelsea won the final 2-1, after we took the lead and took our title. A lot of these youngsters will not get a chance at Chelsea. I think John Terry was the last youth product to be a hit at Chelsea. From our team, Janko, Lawrence, Wilson, Pearson and potentially Keane will get chances, because look at how Januzaj has lit up our team, these players know that there's a chance of this happening and I'm sure at least one or two will be a hit at United.

    Fernandinho is their box-box player. Rodwell might stay, you never know.

    I have absolutely no idea how Baldini still has that job. I can see Pochetino coming in and sorting out a few of their problems but then again, if he starts having a turbulent period, Levy will just sack him again, it's just never going to end! No wonder Spurs haven't progressed in the last 5 years, how can they without any stability whatsoever?

    You're looking at it from one side. Moyes just wasn't authoritative enough. It says a lot about the manager if they lose a dressing room in under 9 months.
    He and his "staff" should've controlled the situation, can you see someone like Louis Van Gaal losing a dressing room of champions in 9 months? No chance.

    Saidy Janko hasn't been given a chance because we bought him for a million pounds last season. He has progressed so much this season and should break into the first team next season. He's actually a monster of a RB, and I have high hopes for him. Definitely better than Smalling at RB, and maybe even Jones. Jones is great at stopping people at RB, for example he stopped Bale at the lane last season, and he stopped Ribery at Old Trafford this season. However, going forward he lacks what it takes to be a top right back.
    Also, when does David Moyes give chance to youth? Even if Janko was around longer, he wouldn't have played him. That's one of the things I dislike about David Moyes. Barkley never got a regular role at Everton, look at him now. Rooney is the only example I can think of, under Moyes. Maybe Coleman too.

    "I'm talking about next season, not this season, so I don't see why that statement about centre backs is relevant." No, you were talking about the season when Moyes took over because we were discussing how we hadn't strengthened in that department, and I said when Moyes came in he wanted to get a LB and CM in.
    Jones and Smalling do not lack pace. Pace isn't that essential when it comes to defending. Rio Ferdinand was impeccable the season of 12/13 and people said he lacked pace. Look at Demichelis this season, towards the end.

    I don't think United need to buy a LW and a RW. One is needed in my opinion. Use the youngsters and loanees, no point in doing a Tottenham. CB, LB, CM, and LM are first priorities. One of each, and then try and bring players into the first team from our youth and loanees.

    Cleverley is useless though! Recently, he's lost him confidence too, which basically makes him a wall as all he does is pass it straight back to whoever gave him the ball. Fellaini over Tom for me. Please, find me a United fan who disagrees.

    I told you why I would keep Evra. His leadership and impact in the dressing room is next to none. Giggs will be a coach, hopefully the assistant but it's not the same as having him in the dressing room. Players will look at him differently.

    Yepp, absolutely love Nick Powell. Class player, he better play next season. I don't rate Ravel Morrison as highly as you do, think he's good but not "outstanding" as you say.

    *Sigh*. You said United needed a CB more than we need a LB last season.

    "I've never once heard a manager blame their tactics."

    Hmmmm. I didn't mean Pep should revert to playing football the "ugly" way. I just meant maybe instead of Kroos as co. always trying to spread the ball out wide to Rafinha/Lahm/Robben/Ribery and them trying to dissect teams, much like I saw them do constantly to Real Madrid (emphasised by the record number of corners given to Munich), maybe use a pacier striker up front, who can run at the defence at bit more, bit like how Pep used Messi in the false 9. Pep hasn't always played the same way. I just mean tweak a few things.

    Also, I hate it when people label defensive football as ugly, in my opinion it's just as entertaining. Chelsea going away from home will always have me glued to the TV because Mourinho sets his team out so well. Liverpool vs Norwich for example, will do my head in because of the shocking defending, and lack of structure. Free flowing football is great and all but I'd take a Mourinho game over it any day of the week!

    I genuinely don't understand what Pepe Mel could've done more. He kept you guys up, and worked on the transition at the same time, it was a really difficult job and it's the second time this season alone, that I'm annoyed about a West Brom manager losing his job. These premier league owners only sack managers and no one else involved in the football club, without even giving them a chance. Wasn't it a three year contract? Why offer the 3 year contract in the first place? Why not just make everyone an interim manager.

    I think Tim Sherwood did a good job at Spurs but is he qualified enough? I don't think so. I think Mackay would be great, but as you say, he could fall out with the board. Hughton is a great manager, and I hope you guys get him.
    I might put a cheeky fiver on Mackay, I reckon it'll be him, you know.

    If you offer Moyes the job, he might take it you never know. Not like any other jobs are available for him, I'm sure he wants to stay in the PL. I guess he could wait for Newcastle but it's a risk. All I'm saying is, it's worth a shot.

    I'm pleased about Shaw more because we made a bid for him, and I hope he becomes our player. Would be great to see him in a United shirt, with potential to be England/United star for 15 more years!

    I can definitely understand why Roy said that about the Cole/Baines situation. Suppose we get to the last 16 and Baines got injured pre-match, and we face Colombia, would you honestly start Shaw at LB? Sooo risky.

    Haha, thank you :P

    I'm so excited for the World Cup, feel like a kid before Christmas.

    I'll praying England do well, but I can't even see us qualifying from our group. We have Italy first, Roy will play for a draw, and might get that as we're quite hard to break down. Then, he'll try and beat Uruguay, which won't happen! I think they'll outscore us, and then the final game vs Costa Rica will be meaningless. I hope we go all out and try beating Italy because otherwise we'll regret it. Honestly if we had Italy last and Costa Rica first, I'd be confident of qualifying but not based on the current order.

    Who do you think will win?
    I can see 4 teams winning it. Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Germany are all equal favourites in my eyes, simply based on their squad, manager, game changers, and experience. If I had to pick one, I'd say Brazil. The way they tore apart Spain in the Confed cup really showed they mean business and with a team like this, I can't see them getting beaten:


    Alves Luiz Thiago-Silva
Gustavo/Paulinho/Fernandinho Ramires

    Hulk Oscar Neymar

I can only see one weakness, and that's Fred. Personally I would've played Hulk up top and put someone else out wide. I'm sure Fred will still bag a few goals though. I think they'll utilise their home advantage and win the WC. Who's your pick? And what are your expectations for England?

  • Abz posted 1624 days ago


    Ben's England squad.

    GK's: 2/3. No Butland.

    Defenders: 6/8. No Curtis Davies and No J.Stones.

    Midfielders: 7/8. No Huddlestone.

    Strikers: 3/3.

    So you were close and got 19/23 correctly.


    Abz's England squad.

    GK's: 3/3. No Butland.

    Defenders: 7/8. No Ashely Cole.

    Midfielders: 7/8. No Carrick.

    Strikers: 3/3.

    21/23. Roy and I are related, so, we speak about this all the time haha.

    No but seriously, I still think Ashely Cole should've been taken. Kind of glad Carrick isn't though.

  • Abz posted 1624 days ago


    Hi Ben,

    I never knew you attended the Crystal Palace games. That's amazing. They have the best home support, and the atmosphere is always electric. You should feel privileged, that was some game. Best 10 minutes of football I've seen in the premier league all month, absolutely exhilarating. I remember I was complaining to my friend who's a Liverpool fan, and I was watching it with him. I kept complaining saying, why are we watching this when Game Of Thrones is on lol. But then he regretted it, and we all went absolutely crazy at University. Truly incredible from the Palace players, that will power and belief installed into them by Pulis is really something special.

    By the way, did you attend the United vs Palace game as well? I went to that game, could've finally met you!

    I just had a look at the website, and +1'd it on G+, so I'll keep an eye out for it, next season. Thanks for sharing it with me.
    I tried to post a question on there, but it wouldn't allow me. Maybe tell someone who's in charge on that website?

    The question was about Liverpool's fitness. You'd expect an international defender like Martin Skrtel to be fitter than mid table forwards, however, it wasn't the case. He was lying on his arse towards the last few minutes of the game, whereas Palace players were rejuvenated. Do you think that some of the blame should be put on Brendan Rodgers for not rotating his defence? For example, Agger and Kolo Toure weren't used from February onwards! I can understand keeping the same 11 every week, but players are bound to get tired, no?

    I agree, Sturridge is a bigger miss than Henderson. I can understand why he's not trusting Aspas, just can't understand why he bought him in the first place! Seems average at best.

    Nastasic is an exceptional defender, however, I still think City need to strengthen in that area. Nastasic might get injured again, plus he still has a lot to learn. City if they want to make the next step and contest for the CL, they need another top CB like Mangala. As if, Karim Rekik will ever get a real chance. Too expensive for Manchester City? No such thing lol.
    Central midfield depends on Barry. If he's leaving (most likely) then yeah they need to bring someone in. Right back and left back I agree.

    Which is why I said "if I were to make a wild and premature guess".
    I think they'll struggle with more games, it takes a lot of years to beef up a squad, you can't just do a Tottenham and expect everyone to gel. Didn't work with QPR, and it's hard to see it ever working.

    I have to disagree, look at some of the quotes from players like Rio Ferdinand. You can tell they look up to Rene and Micky Phelan more than Moyes.

    Ask any Man United fan and they'll say CM and LB is first priority.
    You say RB. But, I still have faith in Rafael and think he can get back to the form of 2 seasons ago. We also have Saidy Janko who in my opinion is one of the most talented young RB in World Football (from the ones I've seen at least). He's just an incredible talent and a real athlete who just never tires. We also have Varela who I think has a lot of potential. It would seriously upset me if we go and waste 20 million pounds or something on a RB. Even if it's Seamus Coleman.

    Centre-back at the start of the season wasn't a weakness at all. It's easy to say in hindsight. Vidic was returning, Rio had a great season, Smalling and Jones kept improving, and Evans looked assured last season. That department was fine.

    Wings - Zaha had a promising start in the pre-season, but Moyes never gave him a chance. Lingard was outstanding in pre-season, again, never given a chance. Valencia - exceptional 2 seasons ago, however, had a poor season and hopes were still on him to perform. Young, Januzaj, Nani and co. also made up a solid department for wide players. We didn't really need to strengthen there either.

    You can't say those areas need more strengthening that LB and CM. No chance.

    I was only joking about Fellaini, hence the comedic vine, don't take it too seriously. I still like the guy, hope he can turn it around next year.

    That line-up was just based on rumours of our potential targets.
    Realistically though, I don't see why we can't get a defender of Hummel's calibre.
    I really hope we strengthen in the wide department too. Someone like Remy Cabella would be great.
    I don't think we should buy a new RB though, as I've said above already.

    I sincerely hope we don't sell Ferdinand and Evra. One would be ideal, not both. I don't want us to lose 4 leaders (Giggs, Vidic, Rio and Evra). I really don't want us to sell Carrick and Fletcher either. I love Fletcher, he can be playing poorly all season and I'd keep him haha. But seriously, he's been great since returning. Carrick who has been shambolic this season needs to stay because I feel he can be a good squad player. Young and Nani, I agree. I'd also like to see the back of Tom Cleverley. He has some value too, so maybe cash up on him. Hernandez needs to stay but I wouldn't be too unhappy if he goes, I'd rather we keep Danny Welbeck. Fellaini sold already? Bit harsh!

    "No managers ever do that, or say anything strictly tactically-related, because the journalist would be inclined to ask "how?" If he explained how they went wrong, that might give their next opponent an advantage. Something like "we didn't do well enough, and we're all responsible for that. But we will make amends, starting next week" would be better. He really let himself with quotes like that one against Man City."
    Pep Guardiola admitted after the Real Madrid that he got his tactics wrong. Managers do it all the time, maybe you haven't noticed.
    Mourinho did it this season at Villa, I believe. It's been done several times.

    I'll be very interested to see if Pep has a plan B though. Would love to see it.

    Carroll was 15.5 million according to
    Steward Downing was 6 million.
    Gordon was 3.5 million.

    "Well I wouldn't really say Sam's been given the funds to build a team". That's almost what Manchester United spent in the summmer! Crazy amount of spending, he just didn't spend it wisely.
    Could've bought 6 players, and shaped his own team with that money.

    Well Pepe Mel has now gone, would love to hear your views.

  • T I posted 1626 days ago

    T I

    Check out my prediction of Roy Hodgson's provisional 30 man squad for the World Cup. It's as follows


    • Joe Hart
    • Ben Foster
    • Jack Butland

    Full Backs

    • Glen Johnson
    • John Flanagan
    • Kyle Walker
    • Leighton Baines
    • Luke Shaw

    Centre Backs

    • Phil Jagielka
    • Gary Cahill
    • John Stones
    • Phil Jones (if fit)
    • Chris Smalling


    • Raheen Sterling
    • James Milner
    • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain
    • Adam Lallana

    Central Midfielders

    • Steven Gerrard
    • Michael Carrick
    • Ross Barkley
    • Jordan Henderson
    • Jack Wilshere
    • Frank Lampard


    • Wayne Rooney
    • Ricky Lambert
    • Daniel Sturridge
    • Andy Carroll
    • Jermain Defoe

  • Abz posted 1629 days ago


    Ah yes, Law. I should've remembered that! Poor by me. Good luck in getting the A grade in Maths. A-Level Maths looks great on your application form.

    The way Moyes was picked was just so unprofessional, you have to follow protocol all the time, even if you are Sir Alex Ferguson. Everyone makes mistakes, and Manchester United really should have conducted the interview process even if Sir Alex insisted it was Moyes. However, it'll be hard to argue with Ferguson after everything he has done for the club.

    1. It's not just trophies, it's what Rene and co. have achieved as managers. Ferguson's coaches had a much higher regard than David Moyes.

    2. Transfer business doesn't necessarily show how far along a club has gone. One of the reasons the Glazer's accepted Ferguson's proposal of Moyes being manager was that Moyes is known to handle tight budgets, they never wanted Moyes to spend big. However, it never worked out. I honestly think that our aim was to buy one CM and a LB last summer. Thiago, Strootman, Herrera Fabregas and some others were targets, and they all moved elsewhere. Fellaini was probably 5th choice, and definitely a panic buy. LB wasn't an urgent matter as Moyes still liked Evra, and Baines was the only target. Moyes didn't realise how Evra's capabilities were deteriorating and until the final day we weren't linked with any other LB. Final day it was Coentrao on loan, but even that fell apart.

    3. Imagine having to witness this clown for two transfer windows! I have high hopes for this next window, hopefully LVG will sort him out.

    4. No problem. This sums up Fellaini's heading:
    Haha :')

    5. Mata is one of the first on the team sheet. I'm sure he will be under LVG as well. Mata will be deeper but he's played there for Valencia and Chelsea before, so he's more than capable. Still over the moon that we bought him. 4th world class player in our squad. We need a few more!

    Something like this would be nice:

    6. -

    7. Now Vidic is gone. Young, Nani, Giggs (most likely), Evra, Bebe, Anderson, and maybe even Rio (I doubt it though), all need to be shown the door. I want to give Cleverley and Fellaini more chances but I can see at least one of them being shown the door too.

    You're right mate, it drove me insane hearing our manager say "we should've won" and "we played well" every single time! Never blamed the players, took the blame on the refs and not once did he admit he got the tactics wrong. "I know it's his style to never criticise the players, but United fans deserve better." Couldn't have said it better.
    It wasn't just things after the match that he said, that annoyed me, it was all the "we'll try our hardest" comments pre-match.
    The quote that hurt me the most was "we aspire to be like Manchester City". That was a joke surely? We finished above them by 11 points last year. One of our players (Giggsy) is probably bigger than their entire club, that took me ages to get over. I was fuming.

    Ahh I see, my bad. Then I completely agree with you. One year wasn't enough to let Pep go. There seems to be strong rumours that Pep will be staying now, which good to see. I want to see if he can come up with a Plan B.

    Precisely. Look no further than Big Sam at West Ham. Plus West Brom play much better football! I hope Mel stays next season, he deserves it having kept you guys up.
    Who have you been linked with recently then? Any decent players?
    Also, which areas do you feel need strengthening?

  • Abz posted 1631 days ago


    Title race.

    Me too, I can see both City and Liverpool winning their two games. Newcastle have just turned the corner recently, but Anfield has been a fortress as of late so I can only see three points there. Palace will be tricky tonight, but Pulis' side have taken the foot of the gas a little, which is understandable because they can't always perform at 5th gear. Tonight will show the two managers of the years in my opinion, I can't pick between the two, but it should definitely be on of them, both have been incredible.

    Do you think Henderson is a bigger miss than Sturridge? Or the other way around?
    Definitely agree with the decisions/luck point in the City game. With Sturridge back though, it'll be interesting to see if they revert back to their original formation.

    Aspas has never impressed me, he just looks average at best. Poor decision making in the Chelsea game when he came on and before that he just lacked the drive to be in the Liverpool team. Not sure why they spent so much on someone from Spain's second league... A buy that Brendan Rodgers seems to have gotten away with.

    Exactly, it makes you wonder why City aren't champions already, their squad is miles ahead of everyone else's. Add a better CB than Demichelis to partner Kompany and maybe a LB because Clichy never impresses me, and Kolorov isn't a top LB either. Mangala, and someone like Rodriguez at LB, they'll walk the title and might even contest in Europe.

    City better win the league! I might cry otherwise.

    "If Liverpool had suffered anywhere near as much injuries or/and suspensions as a contender like Arsenal, they wouldn't be anywhere near second."
    Good point, which makes me wonder if Liverpool will struggle next year. They've only played 40 games this season. Chelsea for example have played almost 60. Injuries will come into account and the depth of their team will be tested, which is why I feel they won't be in the title race next year. Maybe 4th/5th if I had to make a wild and premature guess.

  • Abz posted 1631 days ago