Captain Charisma

Captain Charisma


How over was Christian back in 2005? Watch and find out! (Remember, CC was an heel during this time)

This is one of my favourite Christian backstage moments ever! I can't believe Vince didn't see how over he was in this segment. He should have pushed him to the moon and if that was the case we would all be talking about the multi-time WWE Champion Captain Charisma instead of when he is going to win the big one!

One of the greatest heel promos ever:

"This belt, in the hands of any other man, is just a belt. In my hands it becomes power. Just like this microphone, in the hands of any of the boys in the back, is just a microphone. You put it in the hands of a dangerous man like myself and it becomes a pipe bomb. These words that I speak, spoken by anybody else but me are simply words strung together and loosely formed into sentences. What I say I mean and what I mean I say and they become anthems! You see if I could be afforded the time to tell all of you here today a little bit of a story. It's a parable of sorts.

There was once an old man, walking home from work; he was walking in the snow, and he stumbled upon a snake frozen in the ice. He took that snake and he brought it home and he took care of it and he thawed it out and he nursed it back to health. And as soon as that snake was well enough it bit that old man. And as the old man lay there dying he asked the snake, ‘Why? I took care of you. I loved you. I saved your life.' And that snake looked that man right in the eye and said, ‘You stupid old man. I'm a snake.'

The greatest thing the devil ever did was make you people that he didn't exist. And you're looking at him right now. I am the devil himself! And all of you stupid mindless people fell for it!"

CM Punk; June 18, 2005 at Death Before Dishonor III (ROH)

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  • Josh Matt posted 2501 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Gokhan Yilmaz posted 2739 days ago

    Gokhan Yilmaz

    I saw one of your articles while I was searching about wrestling on Google. I am a big peep too. And I wondered why aren't you writing articles anymore. Also with Christian becoming a 2-time World Champion I would like to see you on this site again. Your articles are great.

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2817 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    I am back. :D

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2968 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello! Here is a link to my latest piece, your read and feedback will by very much appreciated:

  • Andrea Claire posted 3061 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    Finally!!!! The REAL "PEEPLES" Champion has arrived! Congrats on your boy's well earned and long over due win at ER. The NEW WHC CHRISTIAN!

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 3192 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    My new article is up and can be viewed at this link:

    Any comments and feedback will be appreciated,Thanks!

  • Andrea Claire posted 3194 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    In case you wanted to know who is the TEN time champion and greatest Canadian wrestler of ever . . . yeah, that would be EDGE! :p

  • Andrea Claire posted 3200 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    Holy #@!% They're still awesome! I'm not gonna lie, I was marking out a little when Christian's music hit! Okay, maybe more than a little :D Sooo excited, i hope WWE doesn't screw this up like they do everything else!

  • Andrea Claire posted 3207 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    Dr. Charisma . . . I like the sound of that! Maybe you can patch up the Captain when The Rated R Superstar sinks his battleship at WM 27!!!

    Hopefully, the creatively challened writers at WWE don't miss the opportunity to cash in on what could be one of the greatest matches of the year, this of course being the battle for Canadian Supremacy! Of course, it wouldn't really be much of a battle bc we all know who has the EDGE in that competiton! lol

    I LOVEEEEE WADE BARETT!!!! Nexus, not so much, but Wade is a beast!

    Not gonna lie, I am loving Edge on Smackdown, but "something" is missing . . . hmmm can't really seem to put my finger on it! Edge could use a sidekick, like perhaps for some comic relief . . . ya know, like the old days *cough* I've missed you, my friend :)

  • Chinmay posted 3209 days ago


    Hey we guys have organised this new competition, please have a look...