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  • Long gone posted 2372 days ago

    Long gone

    Being fanned by Indians Fan is not a accomplishment. He goes around liking people.

  • Indians Fan posted 2402 days ago

    Indians Fan

    Where do you get pics like that?

  • saima ramzan posted 3323 days ago

    saima ramzan

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  • Eric D. Majeski posted 3666 days ago

    Eric D. Majeski

    Hey, if ya get a chance check out my list of the top 15 corners from the last decade. One current Eagle and one former made the list.

  • Mark Moore posted 3698 days ago

    Mark Moore

    LeBron an Owner?

    NBA Free Agency Rumors http://bit.ly/aGdEaM

  • kev deak posted 3722 days ago

    kev deak

    hey man, i wrote my first article ever in the history of my life the other day...i noticed you are a penn state fan so i was wondering if you wouldn't mind reading it over, and maybe leaving me some hints or somethign to help strengthin my writing

  • Dan Pennwyn posted 3736 days ago

    Dan Pennwyn

    no I just meant on the articles themselves...I'm phillyphandan or as "Brizer" calls me"phandango"

  • Dan Pennwyn posted 3736 days ago

    Dan Pennwyn

    Hey Leo, I have a feeling you "blog" on the Eagles website...am I correct in saying this?

  • John Marano posted 3743 days ago

    John Marano

    Hey, Leo...1611kjv here...I gave you and your mock draft(s) a shout out in my latest piece. You do a very good job and more people need to read your articles. Go Go Leo!!

  • John Doublin posted 3748 days ago

    John Doublin

    Something outside my normal style.