Adam Camacho

Adam Camacho


My name is Adam. I am a writer. I grew up outside of Chicago, but I have been living in Portland, OR. for 14 years. Because I have lived half of my life in each city I have adopted the Trail Blazers as though they were my hometown team. I still cheer for the Bulls though, and I am a die hard Bears fan.

My family is from the South Side of Chicago so I have been raised to love the White Sox, but for some reason I have always loved the Cubs...and I always will. I believe it was listening to Harry Caray and watching Ryne Sandberg that captured my loyalty from the time I was old enough to remember.

I graduate from Purdue, so I am a huge Boilermaker Football and Basketball Fan. Many of my childhood friends went to rival Big 10 schools so you will probably catch me writing about Big 10 sports in the Fall.

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  • Court Zierk posted 4244 days ago

    Court Zierk


    Would you mind checking this out and letting me know what you think?

  • Dan Parzych posted 4295 days ago

    Dan Parzych

    The Least Valuable Player awards are up from Week Four of the NFL preseason. Hope you enjoy!


  • Geoff Crawley posted 4298 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Hey, no apologies needed, I'm glad you explained why you did what you did instead of saying "Great job, minor edits" then re-writing the whole thing. I appreciate what you did.

  • Geoff Crawley posted 4300 days ago

    Geoff Crawley

    Thanks for the edit. FYI, it makes no difference to me, but I have been told exactly the opposite before. I guarantee someone will change it back.

  • Jonny S posted 4300 days ago

    Jonny S

    thanks for the edit!

  • Chloe Francis posted 4300 days ago

    Chloe Francis

    Thanks for the edit!
    Best, Chloe

  • Lew Wright posted 4301 days ago

    Lew Wright

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for taking the time to tweak my work into b/r shape. As you could tell, that isn't my a long shot!

    Appreciate it my friend.


  • Dorothy Willis posted 4303 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Adam, although writing for B/R does not put me on a level equal to many of the sportswriters whose opinions to which I take exception, I certainly will continue to write replies to them, whether they ever see and acknowledge mine or not. Thank you so much for the edit!

  • Andre Barrinha posted 4303 days ago

    Andre Barrinha

    Thanks for the edit!

  • David Wyatt posted 4303 days ago

    David Wyatt

    Thanks for the edits and feedback on my latest article Adam. It's much appreciated and will work on your suggestions for my next article. Thanks again.