Craig Shorey

Craig Shorey


When Craig was in high school he took a journalism class instead of an art class. By his senior year he was the Sports Editor and submitting articles for the area’s major newspaper. He has had a passion for sports all his life and often writes a column at

Craig enjoys nearly every sport but his first love is basketball and the Boston Celtics. He was born in Massachusetts and most of his sports allegiance can be found rooted to that reigned. He also has lived in North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Washington, and Maine. He currently resides in Missouri where he is about to finish his degree.

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  • mike c posted 3394 days ago

    mike  c

    thanks for the read ...........check out my latest

  • JW Nix posted 3442 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you will like it

  • NFL News And Rumors posted 3442 days ago

    NFL News And Rumors

    Thanks for the positive feedback

  • Todd Civin posted 3446 days ago

    Todd Civin

    With pleasure. It looks like your path and my path into journalism were similar. Go Sox! Todd

  • Mykhal Glass posted 3446 days ago

    Mykhal  Glass

    check out my latest article,The NBA is really getting soft and its a shame

    let me know what you think thanks

  • Graham posted 3446 days ago


    Beat Orlando!

  • Brandon Ribak posted 3447 days ago

    Brandon Ribak

    Yup, everything was great!

  • Dabney Bailey posted 3447 days ago

    Dabney Bailey

    No problem!

  • Tim Coughlin posted 3448 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Yeah, I'm just saying that your intro said it will help new fans, but then the rest of the article is "If you don't know who so-and-so is, you're not a fan." That doesn't exactly help. It's more like a joke between Sox fans who *do* know who these people are.

    Imagine if your teacher at school taught a lesson by bringing up historical figures and telling you "If you don't know who John Quincy Adams is, you're probably not going to pass history class," but then didn't go on to tell you who he is. It's kind of like that.

    If your intro was complaining about bandwagon fans, then the rest of the slides would fit with no explanation really needed. But you said you were writing the article to get people caught up on Sox history, so explaining each of the items in the list will be the way to help do that.

    It was still a good slideshow—don't get me wrong. I just felt like new fans might read the intro before going on to the rest and be left a little confused. Keep up the good work,