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  • Indians Fan posted 1985 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • We the Team posted 2062 days ago

    We the Team

    Switch the score Tyron. But hell yeah GO HEAT!!

  • JACOB Gathers posted 2120 days ago

    JACOB Gathers

    What's good my brother Tyron? It's that time of the year again my brother. It's time for the Dallas Cowboys to start off there season on Sunday night my brother. I'm ready. Are you? What you think bout my Clemson Tigers bro? We ranked #4 in the country right now. Later. If you on twitter. Look me up @brojg1. #WERUNDEEP

  • JACOB Gathers posted 2195 days ago

    JACOB Gathers

    What's good my brother Tyron? You know alot of the haters are really hating now my Heat brother. LOL. I just read a story on this site where there are so many people on here who is hating on him so bad because he is right at the door ot better than some of the players who played the game before him. Because he's just 28 year's old & he's still got time to past Micheal Jordan rather all these other haters like it on not. Because Michael don't play no more . But Lebron James got bout another 10 years in front of him. Then all he's going ot get is better man. Well now it's time for us to talk bout our Cowboys now I guest. LOL. T you on twitter or face book man? I'm on twitter @brojg1. Then you know I'm on face book too.

  • Mista Amazing posted 2200 days ago

    Mista Amazing


  • JACOB Gathers posted 2206 days ago

    JACOB Gathers

    What's good Tyron? I just you notice I don't come to this site all that much my brother? But I came this morning to see what all these haters & dumb Spurs fans had to say bout this game on tonight. But they should be scare if I was a Spurs fan. Because the Heat big three hadn't played well in this series as of yet. Now anytime your role players win a game like they did in game 2. That's a problem for the other team. I do think the Heat will take home court back tonight in game 3. Alot of Spurs fans don't believe that at all. But I don't see why they don't. But they must understand that this is still the state team that won 27 games in a row in the reg. season & hadn't lose a back to back in the playoffs since the big three came together. Tyron are you on face book my brother? How bout on twitter? I'm on both. Yes I'm on twitter @brojg1. Yes it's hard being a Heat/Cowboys fan right now. But I just focus on the Heat right now & talk bout the Cowboys when I can. LOL. I think the Heat will take home court back on tonight as well. Later my brother Jacob.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 2215 days ago


    I just followed you my dude !

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 2215 days ago


    Us Heat fans gotta stay loyal, and post wisecrack comments to make other people feel dumb !

    Go Heat. and . . do you have twitter ?

  • Tyron King posted 2215 days ago

    Tyron King

    What up Jacob my bad bruh it's been busy bein a Heat/Cowboys fan haha

  • JACOB Gathers posted 2220 days ago

    JACOB Gathers

    What's good my brother? Do you ever read your comments on your wall bro? WOW! I left you a comment 7 days ago & haven't heard back form you yet. I do think the heat is bout to close out the Pacers now man. Because I d think they woke up a sleeping giants once Paul George got cocky & say what he say in the media after they won game 2. He say, " They maybe the big three, But we are the big five & we know we are better than them & we can beat them. Because they just a one man show & allow on one person." I say, WOW he's very cocky. I think that's why Lebron might when to the coach & told him, to put me in the post on the block in the next game." So he showed that Paul George that he is not on the same level as he. If you o n face book. You can find me by the name show here my Heat/ Cowboys brother. I'm also on twitter @brojg1.