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I'm the sports and pop-culture guru for Bleacher Report. I never thought all my useless knowledge about movies, television, music, and sports would ever do me any good, but I have found my place on Bleacher Report.

I officially joined the staff in 2010 working as the Affiliate Marketing Manager. Basically I help get more compelling content than just straight sports articles in front of different websites around the web. It's just as fun as it sounds.

Besides all the work stuff, I'm an enormous Kentucky basketball fan, Appalachian State grad and football fan and just love all other sports in general. I'm also a newly minted A's fan, now that my brother has joined their organization. And, yes, I believe that me now rooting for them will automatically propel them into the playoffs this year.

I also have a job as the resident big man in B/R pickup games. I shoot more than I pass.

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  • Elliot Gerard posted 1921 days ago

    Elliot Gerard

    Hi Matt,
    I am a featured illustrator/designer for major sports brands like ESPN, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated. I also work directly with professional teams, I am the exclusive digital illustrator for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers, I have worked on a variety of digital and merchandise products for The New York Red Bulls and my artwork has been on the cover of the Phoenix Suns Free Throw Magazine. In addition I work with professional athletes organizations like J.R. Smith's Reach Anonymous and sports agents like Hazan Sports Management.

    My work has been written about in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Fox Sports and in many other sports media outlets. Recently I worked on editorial illustrations for Fansided and Cover 32. I would love to have an opportunity to create some designs and illustrations for Bleacher Report as well if you are interested. You can see my work on my website elliotgerard.com or my Instagram account @elliotgerard.

    Thanks for you time and consideration and I look forward to talking further with you.
    All the best,
    Elliot Gerard

  • phil para posted 2460 days ago

    phil para

    I'm a UK and king james fan in about equal parts. There's a band I follow that has a song "miami"could have been written for King james and the Cleveland crazies, especially the Cleveland crazies. Some soulful white guy in an east coast band called Black Girls belts out in the refrain "miami is the last place you wanna be". Perfect. The new Cleveland theme song. go cavs. Wonder if they could write a song bout the big blue. Sorry i have no idea how to post it from spotify or i tunes

  • Jason Phillips posted 2911 days ago

    Jason Phillips

    Hey Matt, i'm a huge baseball fan, but I enjoyed the article. People are too sensitive these days. I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor and actually agree with a good number of your points. Keep up the good work. Don't let the haters bite.

  • John Varg posted 2923 days ago

    John Varg

    I think you are a complete moron and the fact that BleacherReport let you write an article completely bashing another sport which you don't even care about with nonsensical facts is a embarrassment to this site.

  • Tyler Duma posted 2924 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Awesome, awesome article on The Sandlot. One of the best baseball movies ever made. I'll be watching it until the day I die.

  • Chip Chipperson posted 2931 days ago

    Chip Chipperson

    funny article either way

  • Chip Chipperson posted 2931 days ago

    Chip Chipperson

    did your gf cheat on you with a baseball player?

  • Mike O'Brien posted 2932 days ago

    Mike O'Brien


  • aaron bush posted 3155 days ago

    aaron bush

    saints and falcons are better than panthers

  • Matt Overing posted 3294 days ago

    Matt Overing