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  • Mike Shannon posted 2567 days ago

    Mike Shannon

    I was a 10, sweetheart...just like always

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 2600 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Yikes, that sounds tiring.

  • Graham GSM Matthews posted 2604 days ago

    Graham GSM Matthews

    Already done.

  • Dan Riaz posted 2626 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    I was meant to be away XD

    Erm... I think they mean in terms of all time, but dont quote me on that. Thats just my take on it.

    And they mean WWE champion as in like John Cena.

  • Dude are you high? Alex Riley sucks.....dumb jobber cant even get in TV, pfffft what a loser

  • Anthony Mango posted 2631 days ago

    Anthony Mango

    From my understanding, they tend to use the "WWE Champion" phrase both ways depending on the sentence. In this case, though, they're probably referring to Hardy's tenure as WWE Champion in a literal sense, rather than just any title in general.

  • Long gone posted 2634 days ago

    Long gone


  • Kyle Schadler posted 2636 days ago

    Kyle Schadler

    A champion in WWE, yes. But I wouldn't technically call a Intercontinental Champion a "WWE Champion" since they never held the WWE Championship.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 2636 days ago


    I'm pretty sure they just mean a WWE Champion like Cena. Because if you're already popular or big as it is, and you so happen to be the champion, then they'll label you "one of the most popular WWE champions of all time". But if you have guys like the Miz or a guy like Axel won the gold, they'll just be a WWE champion because despite winning the biggest prize in the company, they never done anything that was impact or memorable to the company and thus, aren't very acknowledged all that much. Just my opinion.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy posted 2636 days ago


    Def one of the most popular guys overall. The 'WWE champion' was just added 'cause well, he was the champion.