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My consolation for the Red Wings' loss was being friends with Dan and sharing his joy. And yes, it is LIGHT!

"Southfield and 96" is usually the way I answer the 'where were you born' question when someone finds out I'm from Detroit. Day-twah's a big city and that narrows it down to the west side, but you'll find me in the woods or on a stream these days.

As a kid I was hooked on Detroit sports. George Kell memories on a Saturday afternoon or front porch with a radio and Ernie's twang on a summer night. We'd watch the Lions' first half and then head outside to play the second half with my "tackle" friends. Never made it to Olympia, but I watched PLENTY of black and white Wings' games with Gordie and Alex, saw the Lions play at Tiger Stadium more than once, and even witnessed the Tigers win the '84 World Series (fans threw hunks of infield sod up to us in the lower deck and I took it home to plant in our yard off of Warren Avenue). 'Course front row at a Wings' playoff game when they won the Cup (later in the series) was priceless too.

After graduating from MSU in 1984, I worked for Knight Ridder Newspapers for four years, did campus ministry at Penn State and MSU, and in 1998 began freelancing as a writer. Detroit sports are my other religion, and for the most part they've all done well. Now about those Lions....2010 maybe? Gosh, I'm praying!

2013 Update:
My Civil War screenplay, SOMETHING GRAY, converted into an e-Book, is now on Amazon!

Also, my novel, XPOSURE, is going to be released on Amazon later this month too!

Here’s the trailer:

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    I made it to 100!

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