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Brad Kurtzberg has been covering sports for more than 20 years now. He has written for numerous Web sites before Bleacher Report including Huffington Post and Inside Hockey. Kurtzberg is also the host of "The STN Sports Report" which airs Monday-Friday from 1-2 PM at He is also the author of a book on the California Golden Seals hockey club called "Shorthanded: The Untold Story of the Seals, Hockey's Most Colorful Team." You can follow him on twitter at @Sealshockey and @TheSTNKurtzberg.

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  • Nolan Robinson posted 1238 days ago

    Nolan Robinson

    Hey Brad I was looking at your NHL: The 50 Greatest Hockey Arenas of All Time list and I noticed Maple Leaf Gardens is only number 2 while the Gardens is on top of the Con Symthe Trophy. I`m just saying even Montreal fans have agreed and they are the Worst. So the question is Really Brad?

  • Nick Paredes posted 1510 days ago

    Nick Paredes

    Good story on Sharks prospects. One correction: Mueller either plays for San Jose or for Major-Junior (Everett). He is not eligible to play in the AHL due to the WHL player development agreement with the NHL.

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 1753 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


    Influential section - Yusuf Estes with a young Christian

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  • Arnie Goodrich posted 1813 days ago

    Arnie Goodrich

    Still trying to swallow the Gordie Howe as best fighter in the 50's. Are you familiar with Ferny Flaman he was the real deal, Gordie actually never fought all that much but he has this one brawl with Lou Fontinato and he is all world and the whole Gordie Howe hat trick thing is really a joke. Not 100% on this but I think on they came up with 22 fights for Gordie. Hockey News in 1966 chose Flaman as top heavyweight of his era saying he may have never lost a fight usually coming to the defense of another teammate. He was just not messed with.

  • Peter Richman posted 1881 days ago

    Peter Richman

    Hey, Brad. I just read the article from yesterday on Rolston. Good job with the flow of it and the improvement. Keep up the excellent articles.

  • Ryan King posted 1907 days ago

    Ryan  King

    I found it really cool how you comment back to the readers. Really helps communication between the commenters. Looking forward to your next article. Hopefully it will be soon.

  • Luke Waggoner posted 1907 days ago

    Luke Waggoner

    Hey brad, just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your willingness to not just write an article and forget it. The fact that you go back in and respond to our comments is really awesome. And when you admit a mistake, it really shows character. You're doing your part to give B/R a good name.

  • Drew Slater posted 1957 days ago

    Drew Slater

    Brad, just wanted to commend you for taking the time to respond to our comments on your articles. Unlike most, you are open to some criticism on your articles and the facts or opinions presented and I appreciate that. If you're ever looking for more insightful hockey conversation, I'm always available to argue.

  • Shlomo Goldberg posted 1969 days ago

    Shlomo Goldberg

    Had to do it 1 post per team. Would be far too disorganized if I tried to fit it all in one post. Pretty sure would have reached text limit as well. :P

  • Foulplay Audio posted 1995 days ago

    Foulplay Audio