Brian is a freelance writer living in Northeast Ohio. He writes about sports and entertainment.

Brian spent seven years in the newspaper industry until the economic downturn closed his last newspaper in 2007. He has written for several Web sites, including two years for Bleacher Report.

Brian has a Twitter page, but never remembers to update it.

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  • Bryan Patton posted 3188 days ago

    Bryan Patton

    Hey Brian, I wanted to tell you about a blog Browns fans should participate in, http://exbrownsjerseys.tumblr.com/. It's a blog dedicated to fans proudly wearing obsolete Browns jerseys. Isn't it ridiculous how the jerseys we buy don't mean anything a year later? This is a blog dedicated to that.

  • Max Forstag posted 3445 days ago

    Max Forstag

    Hey Brian, way to represent us Cleveland fans up high on the contributors list of B/R! Keep up the good work! Go Tribe, Cavs and Browns!

  • DARK KUSH posted 3700 days ago


    A Browns fan writing about the Raiders. Dude, you say Al wont be able to afford Asomugha. if that's the case, why did he pay him 27 mill for 2 years? so he can't do that again? do a little bit more research before you write an article about a team that's not yours.

    Plus, this is going to be an uncapped year. that's pretty much a guarantee...

    no contending team will pay asomugha what Al Davis will pay him. trust me ... the man isn't going anywhere. his ties with the kids in Oakland is the main reason why he's going to retire a Raider. He also grew up in NorCal..

  • Dee guerrero posted 3725 days ago

    Dee guerrero

    Have any of your teams looked at D-2 National Special Teams Player of the Year --GARRETT TIDWELL (Angelo State) He's small, quick and very elusive---Elite combine 4:44 40 time and 4:40 for Toronto----what do you think?

  • Mack Dreyfuss posted 3753 days ago

    Mack Dreyfuss

    hardcore runners head to antarctica for a marathon http://bleacherreport.com/articles/625625-marathoners-to-celebrate-100-years-in-the-antarctic

  • Weston Aaron posted 3765 days ago

    Weston Aaron

    I just clicked on the first name I saw. You seem like a veteran so maybe you can help this new guy out. I just joined this site. Apparently I had to fill out an app. How do I know if the app sent? The first time i tried everything went red. So i wrote a whole new piece. Then i pressed Apply and it didn't do anything. So if you got any advice just let me know. Looks like I need to find a new site :O

  • Andrew Foley posted 3765 days ago

    Andrew Foley

    Dear Brian,

    In regards to the NFL labor nightmare, why not add 3 bye weeks to the season, for 20 weeks of football. If you put the 4 bye weeks in weeks 3 - 18, there are still 12 games per week to choose from. This translates to an increase of 17.5% in weeks that football can air. If the union lets the owners keep the extra cash in the next TV deal, the owners can get the money that they are looking for. The owners can also pretend to the public that they care about the players' health, and they should have a legitimately better chance of their starters being in better health, and of putting their best product on the field. The players could declare victory that they get to keep the status quo and get more in season recovery time, and possibly have longer careers. Thanks for your time and go Buckeyes.

    Keep on truckin'

  • Larry Garot posted 3766 days ago

    Larry Garot

    PackerChatters.com has been heavy into the NFL Draft for over 12 years and with that we are always looking for new contributors to be with us. If interested in having some of your fine work re-published on PackerChatters.com please email me;

    Thanks Brian and keep up the good work.


  • Thaddeus Yeiser posted 3775 days ago

    Thaddeus Yeiser

    I'm back after a long hiatus. You input would be appreciated. thanks!

  • Mark Hornak posted 3783 days ago

    Mark  Hornak

    Ahh, now I see were the venom comes from towards all the Steelers' players. A Cleveland fan. No wonder all the hate for Ben and Ward. But, like a true hypocrite, you like Tiger Woods. A Man who s**t on his family and has no respect for other golfer's. I'm so glad you're wallowing in misery, waiting for another losing season in Cleveland while the Steelers go for #7. Maybe you can come to the Steelers' victory parade this year ? You have absolutely no credibility anymore. None. See you at the bottom again next yr.