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James MacDonald is a freelance writer from Hamilton, Scotland.

From 2003-2006, he contributed to, providing interviews, features and briefly working as the website's copy editor. James joined Bleacher Report as a Featured Columnist in June 2012, after spending the previous six years completing dual Master's degrees in Psychology and Social Sciences.

You can follow James on Twitter here: @JimMacDonaldMMA

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  • Matt Spears posted 1552 days ago

    Matt Spears

    Great question. The logic behind it has been to follow the UFC's official profile (see here: and the articles below) and his official Twitter (, both of which have the "Dos" capitalized. You can compare it, for instance, to Rafael dos Anjos, whose profile ( and Twitter ( both have it without caps. You're right: "Dos" is usually not capitalized, but this seems to be an instance where personal preference dictates otherwise. That make sense?

  • Cassie Houchin posted 1850 days ago

    Cassie Houchin

    Ahh, got it, James. I do know the word but wasn't sure in this case so changed it to illusory. Sorry about that! Have a good one.

  • Andrew Allen posted 2068 days ago

    Andrew Allen

    What club are you at? Should come to Dundee and go to Dundee MMA (part of the Shooters fight team.) I am not Scottish, but I live here. It's good to see someone else on b/r that is in Scotland! haha, nice place here, not so appreciative of the weather though.

  • Chris McMorrow posted 2152 days ago

    Chris McMorrow

    Absolutely. That's what I'm here for.

  • Andrew Bors posted 2163 days ago

    Andrew Bors

    No problem, James. Thanks for the great read!

  • Mr. JTR Frankly posted 2174 days ago

    Mr. JTR Frankly

    I have to say I appreciate your intelligent articles about Fallon Fox. It's refreshing to hear someone think critically about a unique situation instead of jumping on the bashing bandwagon. Thanks for that.

  • fred dick posted 2175 days ago

    fred  dick

    You agree Mitrione crossed the line so what are your thoughts about the rant Joe Rogan went on about Fallen Fox? Why didn't uncle dana take on the "voice of the octagon?" Oh ya, Rogan and White are buddies! The UFC has had it in for Mitrione for about a year or so and this was their sleazy way of getting rid of him! Un-suspend Mitrione or else suspend Rogan, too! MAjor double standard going on and I don't like it one bit. Dana has been gradually turning into a royal asshole and I believe he is burnt out and in need of an extended vacation if the UFC is to keep it's reputation intact! Mitrione may have crossed the line but if he did, then Joe Rogan did as well! This is utter CRAP!

  • Matt Wood posted 2233 days ago

    Matt Wood

    Hey, James. How do I sign up to get notifications whenever you drop another article?

  • Meredith Day posted 2310 days ago

    Meredith Day

    Hey James, you're welcome - and yeah, I've noticed that in British books. I'm pretty sure that the American rule is the B/R rule in that case, even though we leave British spelling alone. Just one of those confusing quirky things!

  • Alex Croyle posted 2321 days ago

    Alex Croyle

    Ok... I read your Kos vs Diaz comment and my head about exploded when you predicted a 3rd round armbar. In Diaz 26 wins he has had three third round submissions - Jeremy Jackson (4-5 losses by sub,) Josh Neer (5-12 losses by sub) and Scott Smith (4-10 losses by Sub)

    Each of these guys has proven to be weak to submissions, whereas Kos has 1 sub loss dated back to 2005... Statistically if it goes to a third round its going to be a decision, looking at the fighters records diaz has lost the majority of his decisions while Kos has won his, if you were going to predict anything, based off statistics it would have to be a 1-2 KO for Diaz, or a decision win by Koscheck.

    Its not just you a lot of analysts predict 3rd round finishes for fights and every time I want to scream. While it happens once in a blue moon it should never make it onto an analysts report seeing as how freakin rare it is...

    I'm an avid MMA fan and an intelligence analyst so seeing this drives me crazy lol (no insult to you seriously, I plan on grilling each person I see post something like this)