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Alex Hall is a former Dallas Cowboys Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report. He currently works for the New Hampshire Union Leader as a general assignment sports reporter.

He was a part of the Bleacher Report 2011 Fall Writing Internship. Hall graduated from Suffolk University with a B.S.J. in Print Journalism.

You can follow Alex on Twitter: and check out his website:

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  • David Hunter posted 2201 days ago

    David Hunter

    Alex, while I applaud your efforts to write professionally many of your articles, specifically about the Cowboys are pure speculation and consist of Madden type scenarios. None of what you write about the Cowboys make any real sense both football or business wise. As you continue to evolve in your career, you need to understand that the NFL is a business and being a fan of a team can skew your articles greatly. They honestly come across as a 10 yr old playing Madden rather than an aspiring non-bias columnist.

  • Scott Terrell posted 2262 days ago

    Scott Terrell

    I'm not sure who's going to write about this but I think it's pretty profound on how the cowboy fans are reacting to Jerry Jones. Check this out!

  • Christian Blood posted 2690 days ago

    Christian Blood

    Roy Williams trade happened in 2008, not 2009. Just FYI ...

  • The Dawg posted 2692 days ago

    The Dawg

    your picks are as good as your reporting ... go cover soccer you lame ...

  • e h posted 2698 days ago

    e h

    Matt Cassel 5 TDs 9 INTs 4 lost fumbles in 5 games
    Yes! The man deserves an 80+ Madden rating. lol do you watch sports?
    He was the product of a system of offense that is no longer there. That's like saying Tebow should be a higher rated player just because an entire organization tailored their entire offense to suit his talents and lack thereof.

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2759 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Full-time TNT! That's terrific news. I'm sure you are very busy. Things have also been well on the west coast, thanks. Some exciting things ahead for B/R!

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2759 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Alex! How have things been going? Coming to the NYC writer meet-up? Hope all is well pal.

  • Aaron Dodge posted 2788 days ago

    Aaron  Dodge

    Nice profile picture.

  • Aaron Dodge posted 2884 days ago

    Aaron  Dodge

    HALF MILLION READ WOOOO, Congrats bud. You're heading into the early hundreds in rank.

  • Isaac Smith posted 2899 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    hey bud, just read your success story. good stuff. But then I read your bio and it says "apart" instead of "a part" just fyi :P