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  • Cameron Britt posted 3651 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    It's obvious that you're trying to incite me into having a big explosion.

    I hate to bust your little bubble here, but I'm really not that into my B/R stats to care if you insult my lack of a gold medal...I take pride in my writing, but I'm not weeping over my keyboard as I type this.
    However, I do care about the apparent issues you have with social interaction.

    Looking at some of your older posts, you make threats and absolutely random statements that make you look like an absolute fool...and the fact that you are willing to post these things on a public forum (even under an alias...I'm pretty sure you have another profile floating around here) speaks volumes about your character, or lack thereof.

    That's something I would care about.

    Not my appearance or the over-inflated ego you have (which would be something that I would look to get fixed)--but the lack of human characteristics you display when you tell someone that the police will not be able to recognize their body after you get done with them.

    You have some issues (and probably stopped reading after line one), so I am not going to push you any further off of the edge you are currently teetering on through childish insults.

    I'm not going to report you to the B/R staff or anything, either (which I feel that I have the grounds to do since you've repeatedly spammed my profile with your nonsensical rhetoric), but I am going to politely ask that you steer clear of my profile.

    I wish you luck with working out the social issues you have displayed thus far on B/R and with the rest of your life.

  • Jon S posted 3742 days ago

    Jon S

    Im gona say by the way you wrote that sentence that your from a low income minority household so STFU and learn how to read

  • Cameron Britt posted 3785 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    Dude, why are you asking?
    Does it matter?
    To answer your question: no.
    I am too busy with academics and job-searching to attend daily practices.
    I do game film for my high school on Friday nights to get my gas money, but, no, I don't play organized team sports (I do play backyard sports, but you won't count that so I don't know why I even mention it).
    If that's grounds to critique what I write, go ahead.
    The way I analyze AVG/OBP/SLG/etc. has nothing to do with whether I've ever brandished my school's football/baseball/track/tennis/etc. uniform.