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*My first article published in the Regina Leader Post:*

I aspire to be a sports journalist.

During the summer, I got a job with the Regina Leader Post newspaper. I have been working their for a couple of months doing local sports roundups and recording scores. I never though I would have a job at a newspaper in my first year of university.

Recently, I had my first every article published in the paper:

I am also proud to run a Canadian Football League online magazine called Fans of the CFL. The magazine includes many writers from Bleacher Report's CFL section.

For links to each issue check out our site:

I have a great passion for sports, the Canadian Football League in particular. My favourite team is the Saskatchewan Roughriders and one of my proudest moments was when they won the Grey Cup in 2007. On Bleacher Report I foucs on the CFL and I am currently the number one ranked writer.

Before I got so busy with school and my job at the Leader Post, I wrote sports columns for a number of sites such as,, etc.

However, I plan to create a blog about the Canadian Football League where I will post frequently. I am also still working on a site to display all of my journalism work.

Currently in my first year at the University of Regina, I plan to enter the school of journalim in my third year. I currently write for our school newspaper the Carillon as a freelance writer. I have just started writing a weekly column about the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any questions or comments, sned me an email at

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  • steve desio posted 3387 days ago

    steve desio

    I am a long time fan of the CFL leaving in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA here in the states. I am currently the Dean of Students at a public school in the Philadelphia School District. Last year I had cervical spine surgery and was laid up for a few months. I took that time to reconnect myself with the goings on of the CFL. I have become very intrigued with the state of the CFL and the excitement about its future in expansion among other issues such as generating revenue, restructuring of salary cap, promotion of the league and its teams, expanding its fan base, finding a way to give canadian QB the time to learn the CFL game, among many others. Te thing I would like to see most is to get the CFL back to the place where it was in the 60's, 70's, and 80's closing the gap between the CFL and NFL where the CFL can be a real option for players again and not be a demotion. I have been writing some articles that include many of these topics. I am about to check out your online magazine it seems like something that I would definitely be interested in.
    My email:
    I would like to send you some of my articles and see what you think. I have been researching each topic very carefully and my articles relate to realistic things that can be done to improve the CFL and generate revenue to make it a prosperous business venture for potential owners, current owners, potential expansion cities, current struggling franchises, and how business partnerships with the CFL from sponsors would be able to compensate players in a non monetary way that would not count towards the salary cap but gain the interested of young imports as well as keeping young Canadian (non imports) in the CFL to develop teir game as the low compensationfor players often force them to leave the CFL for better paying jobs.


    Steve De Sio
    Dean of Students
    Fairhill School
    Philadelphia, pa

  • Steve Thompson posted 4030 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Hi Jonathan, if you want to hear what the Commissioner has to say, read my latest article.

  • Chase Ruttig posted 4031 days ago

    Chase Ruttig

    Whats the deal with the CFL Daily Dose site? I am interested shoot me a email with some info at

  • Steve Thompson posted 4054 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Okay, I'll join, Jonathan, just tell me what you want me to do.

  • Steve Thompson posted 4058 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    I sure would Jonathan. Thanks for your interest. Do you get paid for doing it?

  • Steve Thompson posted 4064 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Okay, Jonathan. I just published my article with all my CFL draft picks.

  • Steve Thompson posted 4068 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Sure Jonathan. Just tell me what you want me to do.

  • Giants27 posted 4098 days ago


    Can you stop sending me spam e-mails? Thanks.

  • Brad Norton posted 4119 days ago

    Brad Norton

    man july is so far away i thought it was like june. theres still a mass long off season. oh well, more time for obie to continue to improve my ti-cats. were definitely going to be real contenders on paper at least by the time the season rolls around.

  • Steve Thompson posted 4177 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Okay Jonathan, feel free to ask me anything you wish.