I am a government executive in the Philippines who served in the Airlines (PAL), Agricultural Finance (DA), and Construction and Development Industries (BCDA MHI). I was into sports early in life and I use to be part of my school's varsity swimming team and played and couched basketball a lot. I studied Karate and Judo in my High School days and I am presently gaga about badminton. Since playing basketball is not anymore advisable at my age, I turned to badminton in which sport I am part of the Men's Doubles Team that is the defending champion in our office intrams. I used to go hunting wild chickens and the like and goes to the shooting range with my 1911 A1 and 9mm pistols. I have a nice airgun that shoots straight and could hit the provervial dime at 50 meters (with a good scope of course). I have my personal gym at Diego Silang where I keep my body fit and I love to read history and sports. And just like the rest of my countrymen, I am proud and crazy of Pacman.

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  • Richard Everett posted 3447 days ago

    Richard Everett

    Hi dragonslayer,
    I noticed that you responded to a comment I left on someone's article.
    I feel the need to address you personally as I know you have supported my articles in the past.
    Firstly, let me say that my comments were not as a result of any bias towards the Mayweather camp nor were they as a result of any ill-feeling towards Manny Pacquiao.
    The fact of the matter is that during the period from Dec 17th to December 29th 95% of articles written in B/R boxing section were either regarding Pacquiao or regurgitated topics relating to the Mayweather/Pacquiao debacle.
    I was extremely disillusioned with what B/R had become. Many writers had written solely about Manny Pacquiao and had given me no reason to think they would dissuade from such a theme.
    My love lies with the sport not with one boxer- fighters come and go. Sure some are special and deserve more column space than others-but no one fighter is bigger than the sport.
    You see if writers invest all of their time in one man, not only do they become one-dimensional, when then man vacates the sport there is a sudden void not only for the writer but his fans that he has accumulated aswell.
    You say that you love the sport 'far more than I can imagine' well when all of your articles are based around one man thats all that I can do-Imagine. The only way to evidence such knowledge is to contribute through your musings.
    The author of the piece in which you made the comment-Lorne Scoggins-and I have since come to a mutual understanding. I by no means degraded his quality of content- In fact its of a high standard, what Lorne needs to do and he appreciates this is display more variety.
    I hope that has clarified my feelings for you and I look forward to reading your future pieces and hope you will continue to offer me your readership


  • Oliver Suarez posted 3481 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    check out my latest article

  • Richard Everett posted 3496 days ago

    Richard Everett

    Heys dragonslayer
    Check my new article- it may be on the horizon but it should be shelved.

  • Kenneth Ragpala posted 3503 days ago

    Kenneth Ragpala

    Just wrote a new article. My first boxing interview really. Hope you guys can check it out.

  • Francisco E. Velazquez posted 3506 days ago

    Francisco E.  Velazquez

    Consider this: Where's Pac if Cotto never loses?

    Take a read and give it some thought...

  • Kenneth Ragpala posted 3507 days ago

    Kenneth Ragpala


    As you may have noticed, I have not been able to contribute as much to the B/R Boxing community as I have started my own boxing blog. I will try to drop a line or two but my entire focus will now shift to my chosen career path.

    Please do visit my blog,, subscribe and leave your thoughts and comments. I really enjoyed my run here at B/R and will always be forever grateful to the people I have met and became online buddies with because we all share the same passion for the same sport.

    Until the next hurrah.



  • King J posted 3512 days ago

    King J

    My legendary interview!

  • Angelito Garcia posted 3519 days ago

    Angelito Garcia

    Kabayan, I got your message regarding the typo. Don't worry about it. I do it all the time when typing a long text.

    If u need to write something very personal, you may use my email posted in my profile here at B/R. In a few days, I will erase that information. But if u prefer to continue using this board to communicate with me, so be it. It's perfectly fine with me.

    Have a wonderful chess game today!

  • Angelito Garcia posted 3521 days ago

    Angelito Garcia

    Pare,if u have time, visit my latest post at

  • Oliver Suarez posted 3530 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    check out my new article and as always comments are welcome